They Ruined Their Party and Now They’re Trying to Ruin Ours

Shermichael Singleton

Shermichael Singleton – Vox

Just adding another name to the list of journalists (this one a Republican) who are on national television arguing that the Democrats should nominate a candidate that will please disaffected Republicans.

This phenomenon reminds me of an incident that occurred years ago when I was traveling across the country with my late husband. We had stopped on a freezing cold and very wet morning at a filling station in the middle of nowhere.  I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband and noticed a young man weaving back and forth trying to dial a number on the outdoor pay telephone (yes, this was before cell phones).  He was obviously drunk.  He had obviously been drunk for a substantial length of time.  His clothes were filthy and looked like he had slept in them for three days and I could see what looked like a stain of vomit running down the front of his shirt.  He kept wiping his nose with the back of his hand.  He stood there, holding the phone, weaving for a few seconds and then he screamed so loud I could hear him though the closed windows of our car: “You neeeeeeeeeed me.”  He then took the receiver and pounded it on the telephone box until he smashed it to pieces.  I could only imagine some woman on the other end of the line  saying to herself: “Like a fucking hole in the head.”

That’s just about how I feel about all these lapsed Republicans who now feel that the Democratic Party owes them a candidate suitable to their discerning tastes.  These guys spent decades laying the groundwork for Trump – stoking racism and homophobia and sexism, legitimating every obstructionist Congressional move in the book  – like denying Obama a Supreme Court Justice and passing tax laws designed to gut the ACA.  They turned lying into a party practice, and supported propaganda television news on Fox TV.  Now, after doing all that and ushering Donald Trump into the Oval Office and putting him in control of the nuclear codes, they think we need to find a candidate they can approve.  Well, I don’t think so.

They ruined their own party (not that I’m mourning that fact) and now they think they should be given veto privileges over ours.

Make no mistake about it – most of these Republicans who are now the darling of CNN and especially MSNBC support most of the policies of Trump, et. al., they just don’t like the manners.  If you put another rabidly right wing white man in office who didn’t tweet and wasn’t quite such a moron, they would all be into it like a rat up a drainpipe.

It was interesting to see Steve Schmidt who for all intents and purposes was morally outraged by Trump and everything he stood for, defect to the rich Coffee Man as soon as he announced his candidacy.  And, the Starbuck’s oligarch recently announced that he will get out of the race if the Democrats nominate someone in the center – read a corporate Democrat who knows how to play the game and who won’t make waves by trying to bring about fundamental change.





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