Podcast World: Unpresidented, an Interview with Garrett Graff

garrett graff  The more the Corporate News Media descends into triviality, the more essential Podcasts become.  This one, Unpresidented, is one I hadn’t listened to before even though I was subscribed to it for a long time.  This interview with Garrett Graff attracted my attention and I may well have to go to Patreon.com and subscribe.  You can get the full hour-long interview for a $5 monthly subscription.

Graff wrote a biography of Mueller, “The Threat Matrix” in 2011.  And, he is described as an expert on the Trump/Russia relationship.  In the first 15 minutes of the interview, I found several of his observations to be noteworthy. 

  • Graff maintains that the initial counter intelligence investigation started by the FBI was to protect the Trump campaign.  Graff says that when it was observed that there were all these Russians trying to weasel themselves into contact with the campaign, the FBI started both warning the Trump people and watching more closely.  The real panic set in when they discovered that not only did the Trump people not pick up the telephone and notify the FBI when Russians contacted them, the Trump people made it clear to the Russians that they were “open for business.”
  • This is somewhat different from what I had understood before.  I thought that it was the suspicious behavior of Trump and the people around him that triggered the investigation.
  • The most interesting statement, however, by Graff was at the end of the interview.  The interviewer asks him if he thinks that justice will ever be done.  Graff says: “over some period of time, yes.  And, then he adds:
  • “…ultimately the question here doesn’t need to be is justice done, the question is can the United States move forward?  Can we rebuild our democracy and rebuild some of the foundations of some of these institutions after the damage that Trump has done to them…There may very well end up being some compromises along the way to ensure that America’s able to move forward at the end of this, short of sending everyone to jail.” 

Now, I think that UNLESS everybody guilty in this scenario goes to jail, the country can’t move forward at least not in a way that will be an improvement.  If this is swept under the rug in the name of “moving forward,” or if we have people in the Congress and the government deciding that the American people can’t take the truth (as they evidently did in the Iran/Contra affair), we will never be able to move forward in a meaningful way.

I have been listening to pundits for months laying the groundwork for a less than satisfying resolution to this whole Trump/Russia affair.  It makes me furious.  We have an elite class in this country that is all but above consequences for illegal and immoral behavior now.  If white collar and corporate crime were actually prosecuted the way they should be, we wouldn’t even have to be dealing with people like the Trump family, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen.  They would already be in jail.  If we let this slide, let these people get away with subverting what democracy we have in this country, we will not have it much longer. 







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