John Paul Stevens, Michael Mukasey, Cy Vance and the Dual Justice System

alex acosta

  • John Paul Stevens has died.  Stevens said that the vote he most regretted was a vote not to abolish the death penalty.
  • By the time he resigned in 2010 Stevens was considered to be the most liberal judge on the court.  He said that he hadn’t become more liberal, the country had become more conservative.
  • Michael Mukasey was the Attorney General when the Epstein/Acosta deal was approved. Mukasey’s son resigned from a global law firm to open a boutique law practice whose first client was Donald Trump.  Mukasey made numerous public statements about how unfair the Trump/Russia investigation was.  He protected those who wrote the torture memos during the Bush Administration.
  • Despite all the comments from pundits about the unusual nature of the Acosta plea deal in the Jeffrey Epstein case, this article about Cy Vance (who dropped a prosecution against the Trumps, and later argued for Epstein to be given the least serious categorization as a sex offender) spells out how common those decisions to allow wealthy, powerful people to escape responsibility for their actions are in just one DA’s office.


This article is about Mukasey’s moves to protect the Bush administration’s torture crew.


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