Impeach Bret Kavanaugh


Kavanaugh Notes

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  • According to reporting this morning, not ONE Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee asked Bret Kavanaugh about his finances during the confirmation hearing.
  • Who paid off Kavaaugh’s debts?
  • How did he maintain membership in a $90,000 a year country club?
  • Why did Anthony Kennedy retire (leaving a spot for Kavanaugh) shortly after his son was outed as having gotten a loan for Trump from Deutsche Bank?
  • Chris Coons (A DEMOCRAT) arranged a “compromise” with Jeff Flake which helped the Kavanaugh nomination get through the confirmation. This was an agreement about having a limited “investigation.”  Why isn’t Chris Coons being called in front of a Senate Committee and asked about the details of that agreement?  You can phone and thank Coons for his service to the country and women at this number (202) 224-5042.
  • Presidential candidates Warren, Castro, and Harris have come out asking for Kavanaugh to be impeached. All agree that the process which resulted in his confirmation was flawed.  That’s a polite term.  The process was a set up which succeeded in getting Kavanaugh confirmed with the help of at least one Democrat, Coons.
  • Who participated in the investigation of Kavanaugh at the FBI? Who talked to the corroborating witnesses? What are their names?  Why aren’t they being called in front of a Senate Committee?
  • Who at the FBI gave field agents word that they were not to do a vigorous investigation?
  • Who gave the FBI the word that this investigation was to be a pro-forma piece of work.
  • According to Joyce Vance, the FBI has refused to allow Congress to look at the 500-page “investigation” of Kavanaugh. They are denying access in response to a FOIA request claiming executive privilege.
  • There are also notes that FBI agents filed along with the investigation report. Why aren’t these being subpoenaed?
  • During the confirmation hearings, John Cornyn whined and lamented the fact that people wouldn’t come forward publicly with their accusations against Bret Kavanaugh. At that time corroborating witnesses were trying to have the FBI listen to their testimony.
  • The FBI, according to these witnesses, assigned low-level staffers to do a cursory interview and then never contacted them again.
  • The bottom line is that the Republicans couldn’t care less if the accusations against Bret Kavanaugh are true (financial, sexual any). He is there to advance a right-wing, anti-democratic, kleptocratic agenda.  That’s all they care about.
  • The Courts (packed with right-wing ideologues) will bring down democracy as fast and as conclusively as any coup.


Some thoughts about the The Wider Significance

  • Pro forma investigations (like the Mueller Report) are a well-used way of burying, and denaturing incriminating information. The people who participate in them are part of the cover up (Mueller, Rosenstein, Barr, etc).   Democrat Chris Coons is as much a part of the covering up of incriminating information against Kavanaugh and his successful confirmation as any Republican.
  • Corroborating witnesses for Blasey Ford were given little attention and investigation and weren’t called upon to testify at the confirmation hearing.
  • This is EXACTLY what Joe Biden helped engineer for Anita Hill. There were women willing and ready to go before the committee and give testimony and Biden helped block it along with the Republicans.
  • Nobody is asking Biden about this on the campaign trail.
  • We must remove the entire leadership class of the Democratic Party. They must go if we are ever going to have a decent country.
  • One of the corroborating witnesses coming forward says that he remembers Bret Kavanaugh at another party, not the one where Blasey Ford was raped, where Kavanaugh had his pants down and his friends shoved his penis in the face of a woman. What kind of people participate in a party where men handle and shove another man’s penis in the face of a young woman?  What kind of man drops his pants and allows, directs, orders other men to handle his penis and shove it in the face of a young woman?  Exactly what level of perversion are we dealing with among the men in this cohort?  If this is what’s on the surface, what’s underneath?
  • Who are the men at these parties? What are their names?  Where are they now?  What positions of public trust do they hold?  Who is covering up for them?
  • Jeffrey Epstein was selling little girls to other men and raping them himself. Think of all the men who covered up for him.  What more is there underneath this behavior?
  • We still don’t know exactly what role Kavanaugh played in the Bush/Cheney torture program. According to Thom Hartmann, 90% of Kavanaugh’s paperwork on this was never released.
  • I would also like to remind you that cheerful, laughing, having a great time covering all this Nicolle Wallace had no moral qualms working in the Bush/Cheney torture administration. She has often on her show, issued self-righteous calls for other members of the Trump administration to resign, but she never did.  She worked for a man who lied us into a war and manipulated the legal system to justify torture.  But, now, she has her own show on MSNBC and defends the Bushes.
  • Trump is tweeting today that the Justice Department should come to Kavanaugh’s rescue. Seems like to me they already have.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is your Justice Department – a corrupt organization working for a corrupt president.


Please don’t hold out the notion that we have a functioning democracy any more.  This is a kleptocracy masquerading as a government.  To do anything about it people are going to have to start realizing that this is a war not a garden party and every person must stop laughing, giggling, making jokes, saying “ain’t he awful,” boosting their careers, white-washing what’s going on.

It no good to bury your heads and complain that discussing politics makes your lunch uncomfortable.  “Oh, it upsets me too much.”  Upsetting?  Damn right it is.  What’s going to be more upsetting is living in a country with a totally corrupt political, legal, criminal justice system.  Its high time people got upset, protested, went to the streets demanded that politicians act.  This nice, polite, oh somebody will sort it out, is not going to work.  You can’t be friends with people who are enemies of democracy.  You just can’t.  Old Scottish song: Which side are you on?

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