The Whistleblower: Day 2, Laurence Tribe

laurence tribe

The Last Word, 20 September 2019

Constitutional law professor, Laurence Tribe, discusses the federal court filing by Trump’s lawyers today.  Lawrence O’Donnell asks Tribe if the President’s lawyers are correct that the President cannot be investigated.

Tribe responds: “…the position that his lawyers were taking today in the federal court filing is even more extreme than that.  They have taken the position that the President’s company cannot be investigated…that the whole state proceeding must be stopped..”

“…when the judge has to finally rule on this outlandish claim that you cannot investigate criminality….the judge will have the obligation…to dismiss the case…”

Trump’s lawyers are arguing that Trump, his minions and his company cannot be investigated for any act while he is President.

Tribe calls this an “absurd argument” and “astonishing.”

“That cannot be the law in the United States,” says Tribe.










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