Pelosi Will Announce Impeachment Inquiry, according to the Washington Post

impeach mf

The Washington Post is reporting that Pelosi will announce an impeachment inquiry this afternoon.  Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is at the Atlantic Festival laughing and making jokes and coy statements about impeachment.  I will never forgive her for this.

As David Jolly pointed out this morning, any inquiry should include William Barr and Mick Mulvaney.

As a reminder of where we are as a nation, Trump gave a speech this morning to the UN in which he appeared drugged.  He slurred words, had difficulty reading the teleprompter, snorted and sniffed like he had just had a hit of cocaine.  As someone on Twitter remarked: I have heard people make more animated deathbed confessions.  The media followed this extraordinary performance with the narrative that Trump had given a “subdued” performance.  This unwillingness to call reality reality is what helped get us Trump.  It will also be what helps Trump and the Republicans maintain control.

Dig in your fingernails.




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