Devin Nunes and the Maguire Hearing


House Intelligence Committee Hearing

  • The dreadful Nunes, started off the hearing for the Republicans by calling a hearing of the House Intelligence Committee “information warfare.” He claimed that the Democrats on the committee had enlisted the mainstream media in their effort to impeach Trump.
  • When Nunes started talking I knew that the Republicans were going to stonewall this. They were going to try to claim that black was white.  They were going to take the stance of saying: Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?
  • Nunes hit all the talking points – that the whistleblower complaint was “hearsay evidence,” that the whistleblower had a “political bias,” that this was “another Steele dossier,” that this hearing was going to destroy the whistleblower process. “They want a public spectacle,’ said Nunes.
  • Nunes also claimed that the hearing should not even have been conducted in public. The Republicans believe that everything should be dealt with behind closed doors, especially if it involves a Republican.
  • Nunes accused the Democrats of wanting to “create a media frenzy.” Then, Nunes went on to claim that the Democrats were “colluding with the Russians” and that he had examples of Democrats “doing the same thing.”
  • He claimed that Biden bragged about extorting the Ukrainians to fire the former prosecutor.
  • Nunes even dragged in Andrea Chalupa, accusing her of providing dirt on Trump and his associates. As if that weren’t enough, he also dragged in Nelly Orr and accused the Democrats of tying to get nude photographs (God forbid) of Trump.  Where that came from I have no idea.  My guess is that there are such photographs out there and the Republicans are trying to lay down a cover story to blame that on the Democrats.
  • Nunes called the meeting of the committee a “grotesque spectacle” and then proceeded to act as if he were choking up with outrage.
  • Later in the hearing, Nunes congratulated Maguire for being part of a “charade of legal word games.” But it was Maguire himself who started the legal word games by contesting and arguing with every question the Democrats asked.
  • Maguire spent ten minutes trying not to admit that he had gone to the White House with the whistleblower complaint before he went to the Justice Department.
  • Finally, Nunes warned the Director of National Intelligence to be careful what he said. Everything you say will be “used and spun.”   They just can’t get enough of the mafia talk.


Some additional notes about Maguire

  • Maguire disingenuously claimed that he supported “Congressional oversight.” Evidently not since instead of turning over the complaint to the appropriate Congressional committee as required by law, he turned tail and ran directly to the White House and then to the Justice Department.
  • Maguire repeated the typically tortured legal argument provided to him by Bill Barr, that the allegations involved executive privilege and therefore he had to go to the White House. Additionally, the argument goes, because the allegations involved nobody from the intelligence community (a lie in itself) it didn’t fit under the Whistleblower Protection Statute.
  • Maguire claimed it wasn’t for him to say how the President could conduct foreign policy. Nobody asked him to.  He was simply required by law to turn over the complaint to the Congress and he did not do so.
  • Maguire claimed that he was not authorized to waive executive privilege for the White House. Shiff asked him if the White House had ever claimed Executive Privilege.  Maguire answered: “They were working through the executive privilege procedures.”  This is typical of Maguire’s answers throughout the hearing.



Lest we forget:

  • There are other records that were transferred to the high security server. What’s in those documents and transcripts?
  • Nancy Pelosi says she prays for Trump. She hopes he has a revelation from God.  Who is this designed to appeal to?
  • Maguire remained silent while the whistleblower was being accused of being partisan and relying on hearsay information.
  • If the IG hadn’t informed Congress about the existence of the WB complaint, we wouldn’t know about it. It’s not thanks to Maguire.
  • The White House was aware of the existence of someone in the CIA objective to Trump behavior before the official whistleblower complaint was filed.

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