Proceed With Caution: Pelosi, Barr, Maguire, Kushner, et. al.


Sunday Morning Mulling:

  • Schiff has reached an agreement with the whistleblower to testify before Congress.
  • We should be extremely mistrustful of Nancy Pelosi in this impeachment process. If Pelosi so narrowly defines this impeachment inquiry (as Mueller did his investigation) that it only covers Ukraine, we should not only demand more, but demand that she resigns as speaker.  If the leadership of the Democratic party refuses to investigate Trump’s financial crimes, we should seriously investigate why.  I suspect that if serious investigations begin on financial misdealing, it will catch up Democrats, especially Democrats in leadership positions.  I personally don’t care.
  • As just one example of why we shouldn’t trust Nancy Pelosi, Friday she said on Morning Joe that she prays for Trump regularly and that she hopes for some kind of religious revelation for Trump. We don’t need prayer; we need action to hold a corrupt President and administration and Republican party to account.  I am not content to wait until Trump has some kind of religious experience.  And, this is not just about getting Trump out of office.  We have to demolish the whole lot of them.
  • Lindsay Graham, according to press reports, has taken campaign money from Russian sources. This should be investigated and talked about in the media.  I hear conversation after conversation where hosts and panelists ask each other why Lindsay Graham did a complete turn around on Trump.  None of them will point out the obvious blackmail potential that this financial information reveals.  Why won’t the media talk about this?
  • I hear the same repeated questions about why William Barr would involve himself in such a trashy and corrupt administration. Because Barr himself is trashy and corrupt.  People like Mitch McConnell and William Barr have been waiting decades for somebody like Trump to come along.  Barr auditioned for the job by making clear, in writing, that he was willing to construct the legal arguments that would support authoritarianism.  He (and McConnell) looked at Trump and said: That’s my guy.  Let’s go.
  • Along the same lines, Nancy Pelosi said on Morning Joe that Barr had “gone rogue.” No, he has not gone rogue.  He has been rogue for decades as has the Federalist Society.  They are both dangerous.  Similarly, Barr hasn’t, as many on television claim, been “dragged into” this scandal.  He is part of it, up to his arrogant eyeballs.
  • One of the things I fear about the outcome of this impeachment, especially led by Pelosi, is that the upper echelons of this administration will be rehabilitated and brought back into the political process. The elite will argue that people like Barr just “went rogue” temporarily, and that others were “dragged” into this.  No, they made decisions all along the way to be a part of this.
  • One of the things that has made me crazy about reading the opinions about Maguire and his testimony is the repeated genuflecting to his “service” and his military career and how sorry everybody feels for him. He is a coward.  He made the decision to run to the White House with a complaint ABOUT THE WHITE HOUSE.  What a toady, what a disgrace to his uniform, but we are supposed to feel sorry for him.  I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for anybody near this administration.
  • KellyAnn Conjob and her husband are playing a game, a cynical game and I have no use for either of them. They are making sure that they protect their cushy lifestyle no matter what happens to Trump.  They are trash and deserve to be treated as such.
  • People like Neal Katyal who write articles with Conway are naïve at best. They are part of why we wound up with Trump and why we have a long way to go to repair the damage that Trump, et. al. have done.  People who are willing to subvert democracy are not, cannot be, your friends.  They are our enemies and should be treated as such.
  • As far as I can tell, Alexandra Chalupa (the woman Ken Vogel has called a “Democratic Operative,”) did everything in her limited power to try to warn the American government that Trump was connected with the Russians and that Manafort was a Russian asset. Nobody would listen to her.  Ken Vogel evidently tried his own smear tactics on her for reasons I do not understand.  For Devin Nunes to drag her name into the Intelligence Committee Hearing so she can be subjected to more death threats is unconscionable.
  • According to news reports today, Manafort tried to weasel his way into McCain’s campaign, but McCain was alerted by someone in the NSC about Manafort’s sleazy connections. McCain cancelled the contract with him.
  • There is a fascinating thread on Twitter at the moment about Manafort’s connection to a company that was involved in analyzing the voting data from Ohio. The thread is that the data from part of Ohio was diverted through a server in Tennessee owned by Manafort and Rick Davis.  That’s all I know, but it’s fascinating.  I think that eventually they will come out with evidence that the vote in 2016 was directed manipulated in certain districts.  That’s the reason Manafort was giving information to the Russians about polling in specific areas.
  • Please remember that Mueller mentioned the fact that Manafort gave this data to the Russians, but said he couldn’t prove that Mueller had any criminal intent in passing this information along. (Just because he walked into the bank with guns and bags that doesn’t mean he was going to rob the bank.)  This one fact illustrates that Mueller was part of the coverup of all this.  He was hired to do exactly what he did, an investigation that was so limited in scope and that gave the benefit of the doubt (no matter how ridiculous) to the Trump family at every turn, it was all but meaningless.  Mueller is part of the coverup.
  • Finally, Joaquin Castro has called for an investigation into whether Jared Kushner shared intelligence information with bin Salman that led to the killing of Khashoggi. That comes under the category of, well, of course.

My final advice is: PROCEED WITH CAUTIONnunes

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