Impeach the MF Now.


  • Among the people who are subject to “what happened to them” discussions is Rudi Giuliani. He was, supposedly, the Nation’s mayor.  But, as freelance investigative journalist Ogla Lautman tweeted over the weekend, Giuliani “was entangled with a known Russian mobster in the 80s.  He elevated (Sam)Kislin to NYX Biz council and Kislin is digging around in Ukraine today for Biden dirt.  One connection out of so many.”
  • Fortunately, Giuliani is one of the people now subpoenaed for documents related to the Ukrainian military aid for dirt scandal.
  • Lindsey Graham is another person often talked about as having made an inexplicable transformation from calling Trump a “kook” to slavishly licking Trump’s golf balls. But, the Intellectualist reports that Graham has received at least $800,000 in campaign donations from a man with ties to Putin-allied oligarchs.  The Dallas Morning News detailed donations from Len Blavatnik and calls him  “one of the largest donors to GOP political action committees in the 2015-16 election cycle.”
  • Republican Christopher Collins (R-NY) has announced today that he is resigning from Congress after fighting for a year to fend off charges of insider trading. He was one of the first men in Congress to come out in support of Trump.  He has decided to plead guilty tomorrow to the charges brought against him for using information that was not public about a pharmaceutical company he and his family held stock in, to warn his son to dump the stock.  A number of people were able to protect themselves from massive losses in the company thanks to Collins’ tip off.
  • According to Andrea Chalupa, Former FEC Commissioner Matt Petersen suddenly quit the federal government and went to work for Conservative law firm Holtzman, Vogel, Josefiak, Torshinsky. The law firm worked on Trump’s inaugural committee which is now under investigation for foreign money FEC violations.
  • The State Department under Mike Pompeo has decided to utilize its time to further investigate Clinton’s emails. They are targeting lower level people who might have sent emails to the Clinton private server.  State has, according to Philippe Reines who worked for Clinton, decided to construct an extraordinary interpretation that anyone who as much as sent a newspaper article to the Clinton private server was confirming the information in the article.  Three infractions could ruin the career of a state department official.
  • As Philippe Reines stated, when the Republicans lost the house they lost the committees they were using to torture political enemies and now they have turned to other means.
  • Reuters reported that the Kremlin said on Monday that Washington would need Russian consent to publish transcripts of phone calls between Trump and Putin.
  • Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Russia would be prepared to discuss the issue with Washington if it sent Moscow a signal, but that such disclosures were not normal diplomatic practice.
  • Trump evidently not only tried to pressure Ukraine to help him politically, he also used other countries, Australia for one.
  • It has been revealed tonight that Pompeo sat in on the July 25 phone call between Trump and the leader of Ukraine. He then tried to cover up the transcript of that call.

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