Elizabeth Holtzman’s “Cheating Justice.”


Elizabeth Holtzman has been on many corporate news programs over the past year commenting on the Trump Administration.  She was on the House Judiciary Committee investigating Watergate.

The real shame, however, is that I have not heard a single corporate news host interview her on her important and relevant book “Cheating Justice” that came out in 2012.

Holtzman details in her book the way in which George W. Bush and Dick Cheney not only broke the law and lied us into a war, but took pains to manipulate the legal system so they couldn’t be held accountable afterward for their crimes.

If the corporate media could stop for five minutes getting every living soul in Washington to comment on the minutia of testimony by witnesses to a crime that White House has already admitted, we might learn how players like Bill Barr are manipulating behind the scenes to make it impossible to hold Trump accountable either.

George W. Bush is now considered by many as a harmless little guy you share a box with at a baseball game.  But, he lied us into a war, unnecessarily, a war that had grave consequences for this country and the Middle East.

But, as Holtzman notes:

“The former president had no apologies for starting a war in Iraq that had taken the lives of thousands and ruined many more: he thought the world was better off for it, even though no weapons of mass destruction, his ostensible reason for the war, were found in Iraq.”

This book is a great read and an important document for understanding what the Justice Department is most likely doing behind our backs.


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