House Intelligence Committee Report, the Federalist Society and the federal courts

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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) held up military assistance funds for Ukraine that had been approved by the Congress and cleared by the State Department.

Some officials in the OMB knew that holding up properly approved funds was illegal.  At least two of them resigned.

The Administration struggling to find a legal method for withholding the funds.  They opted for a strategy that required the hold be reapproved every few days.

Because career officials saw the dodge, the con, the administration had to get rid of career people and replace them with political appointees who either didn’t know or didn’t care that what they were doing was illegal.

This is exactly what the “drug dealers” did with the Ambassador to Ukraine.  They got rid of her and replace her with a political appointee who would do what the President said even if it was illegal.

This is exactly what the administration is doing with appointments to the federal courts.  The Republicans are rushing to confirm judges who are outrageously unqualified for the positions they are being appointed to.  These are people who wouldn’t get near a federal judgeship without the favor of the Federalist Society and the Republicans.

When forced through the Senate by McConnell, they will be beholden to those who secured them their cushy positions.  These men and women are either ideologues or incompetent to analyze and understand the law and therefore more likely to decide cases as their Republican benefactors tell them.  They know they would never be in the position without the advocacy of the Republicans and therefore don’t’ care if their legal reasoning is unsound.  Make no mistake about it, if these Federalist Society lawyers take over the federal bench, we will have no legal system in the traditional sense of the word.

There will be no traditional sense of the word.  Once you have destroyed meaning, destroyed language and the shared meaning of language, you have destroyed the legal system and then the democracy.

We can’t allow them to do this.

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