The Morning Authoritarian Horror Show


  • The McCabe prosecution has evidently been dropped. Commentators from the law enforcement community are saying that this probably could have been announced months ago, but was done right now for PR purposes, to detract attention away from the disgusting authoritarian take over of the Justice Department being orchestrated by William Barr.  McCabe says he has never seen a similar case like this go on as long as it did.  According to a number of sources, a grand jury refused to indict McCabe months ago.
  • On to other horrors…
  • Judy Shelton, Trump’s nominee as Fed governor, faced intense questioning from Democrats at her confirmation hearing.  Sherrod Brown said that Shelton has “alarming ideas.”  Evidently the alarming ideas she has professed in the past have all disappeared in her current testimony so that she can get the job as Fed governor.  Her views on “central bank independence, the gold standard and whether the money that people deposit at banks should be insured” are outrageous. (CNBC).  Shelton claims her ideas are just thinking “outside the box.”  Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama, described Shelton’s change of heart as a “confirmation conversion.”  Essentially what is happening is that Shelton is lying to get the position.
  • As just one example of Sheldon’s thinking, she said in the hearing that FDIC insurance is bad because Banks should take the hit for failure. But, it’s not banks that take the hit, it’s us.
  • William Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to “scrutinize the criminal case against…[Michael] Flynn…” Barr has also installed outside prosecutors to review the handling of other politically sensitive national-security cases.  The reporting is that these newly appointed prosecutors have been “grilling” line prosecutors in the Washington office about different cases.  Barr recently installed a close aide (puppet), Timothy Shea, as interim U.S. attorney in DC.
  • Robert Mueller not only defined his role so narrowly he could not really investigate what happened in 2016, he also refused to do his job and passed these cases off to other prosecutors who were even more subject to Barr’s pressure.  Mueller was part of the cover up.
  • Good Morning America.


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