No Dog in the Fight: The Democrats and the Corporate Media are Feckless

I have to admit that it’s difficult to even get up the energy to write a blog anymore. I know that’s what the Christian nationalist Republican party coup leaders want, but I am still not above admitting I’m having a really hard time.

Normally, I would be glued to CSPAN watching the confirmation hearings for Ratcliff as DNI. But, I just cannot watch another hearing filled with feckless and useless Democrats asking questions like they are at a garden party.  There’s no point engaging when you have no dog in the fight.

I hate to say it, but I don’t think normal, ordinary people have a dog in the fight anymore. The Democrats represent their corporate donors, Bernie has dropped out and disappeared, the corporate media covers nothing but coronavirus minutiae and little hero personal interest stories.  (Right now Katy Tur is on MSNBC interviewing somebody about some music venue on the beach that is not functioning.)  24-hours a day of coronavirus coverage on two major networks and we’re looking at a freaking music venue disappearing.

Nicolle Wallace last night, when I tried to watch a few minutes, was asking ONCE AGAIN (for what must certainly be the 1K time) if there wasn’t anybody in the White House who could talk sense into Trump.

Now, first of all, I don’t remember her ass talking sense to Bush when he was lying to us and starting a war for profit in Iraq. Nor do I remember her ass standing up against using the OLC as a vehicle for legitimating torture.  Nor did she stand up against torture during or after the administration.  In fact, she has said that Bush was so proper and moral he wouldn’t even allow her to wear blue jeans to the office on weekends.  Isn’t that precious?  They make me gag.

Second, this question (like so many others distributed over the corporate media) assumes that the problem is Trump. Like Joe Biden, and others Wallace assumes that as soon as we get rid of Trump, everything will return to “normal.”  (They always forget that “normal” is what got us here.)

Perhaps this is true for them. Perhaps they will return to “normal” since they want to see no essential reform, no change, just a return to the trough without having to think badly of themselves.

But, for the rest of us, the corporate media and the Democratic party have become enablers of this presidency.

Joe Biden, Barak Obama and the Democratic Party (after getting all the other corporate candidates to leave the race) have disappeared from public view. They are hiding in their basements.  Biden is hiding to keep from making himself look like an ass in public which he (like Trump) is sure to do if they allow him to speak before a camera.  The Democrats have made a political decision that they are going to lay low and hope Trump destroys himself over the pandemic.  Barak Obama evidently never speaks up unless it is to prevent fundamental change in the country that might help regular people.

This is a perfect opportunity for the Democratic Party to stand up every day before a camera and explain to the American people that what we are seeing (a refusal to organize a response to the virus, profiteering over essential health resources, forcing working class people to go back to work while corporate executives hide in their basements, leaving the states and cities and counties to fend for themselves in the pandemic, using government resources to reward friends and punish political enemies, throwing away massive amounts of food rather than feeding the needy) are all part of Republican government.

This is not an anomaly; this is where the Republican party has been going for decades. This is what they have been working towards for decades.  This is government by people who don’t believe in government.  This is government by people who believe in health care for the highest bidder.  This is government by people who will throw away food before they will give it to somebody for free.

If you ever vote Republican again, this is what you are voting for.

And, Joe Biden wants to bring these Republicans back into his cabinet and administration.

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