The Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery and the Absence of Justice in South Georgia

videoIn February 2020, when police were called to the scene of a shooting, they found a colleague of theirs, Gregory McMichaels and his son Travis at the scene.  As a later released video showed, McMichaels and his son had hunted down Ahmaud Arbery and shot him in the street.  According to reporting by the New York Times (5/8/20) Gregory McMichaels had Ahmaud Arbery’s blood on his hands when police arrived.

But, officers at the scene took down the version of the killing told them by the assailants, their former colleague and his son, and sent them home.

Later somebody in the department phoned Ahmaud Arbery’s mother and told her that Aubery had been involved in a burglary and was shot by the home owner.  This was a lie.  We still do not know who phoned Arbery’s mother.

Peter Murphy, a Glynn County Commissioner, defended the Police Department’s decision not to make an arrest in the shooting.

Bob Coleman, also on the Gynn County Commission, only recently escaped being prosecuted for insurance fraud by letting his wife cop a plea to the charges which involved Coleman’s business.

When I phoned Michael Browning, the head of the Glynn County Commission, to express my opinion that it was inappropriate for a member of the Glynn County Commission to have escaped insurance fraud charges by making an agreement with the prosecutor to let his wife plead to the charges, I was laughed at, insulted and told: “Get your head out of your ass.”

Everyone on the Glynn County Commission needs to be replaced.  Please, don’t put campaign signs in your yard for these men.  Please don’t vote for these men.  The community deserves better than this.

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