Georgia on My Mind: Kemp and Savannah


Brian Kemp is using the money of the people of Georgia to sue the Atlanta Mayor to prevent a mask mandate in the middle of a pandemic.  This man stole an election already.  Drag his sorry ass out of office.

Oh, and in case you need more…the prosecutor’s office in Savannah recommended community service for a prosecutor who tried to exchange a sentence for sex.  COMMUNITY SERVICE.

And just to top off everything…The Glynn County Commission (county where Ahmaud Arbery was killed) is threatening to sue the state to prevent the citizens of Glynn County from being able to vote on dissolving the Glynn County Police Department.  The department is not only responsible for not arresting the men who killed Arbery.  They also have had their Narcotics Task Force eliminated due to corruption.  The former chief of the County Police has been indicted.  They are going to create a $150,000 a year job for him since he can’t be police chief anymore.

If you aren’t mad, you are oblivious.


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