Progressives Unseat Dynasty: Cori Bush and Rep. Lacy Clay

ciri bush

Morning Joe host Willie Geist announced Wednesday that progressive Cori Bush of Missouri defeated representative Lacy Clay. This took about four sentences.  Then, Geist announced that Missouri had voted to expand the eligibility for Medicaid.  That took another few sentences.  Then, MSNBC Morning Joe moved immediately on to an interview with Paul Begala, one of the corporate democratic darlings.

There was no discussion of a victory that should “rock the House Democratic caucus” (Intercept).  Clay was endorsed by most of the Democratic establishment including Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi).  He had been in office for 20 years.  Clay’s father had held the seat for 30 years before him.  So, Bush unseated a dynasty.

But, MSNBC saw no need to even discuss this upset before moving on to promote the latest book by one of the professional corporate democratic “strategists.”  These are the same strategists who plan on boosting their lucrative careers with a6t Biden administration.

According to an article in the Intercept:

  • Bush lost her first challenge of Clay in 2018 by 20 points. When she ran in 2018, she had less name recognition.  But, she became more well known after “Knock down the House” a documentary aired by Netflix. Bush was also partly successful partly due to an endorsement from Bernie Sanders and his help with fundraising.
  • Bush won with the backing of the Justice Democrats.
  • Some have argued that the wins of progressives (such as that of Jamaal Bowman in New York over Engels) are flukes, but these progressive victories continue.
  • And, unlike the other victories, Clay is black. The difference between Clay and Bush is progressive policy versus the old, worn-out, corporate Democratic strategy.
  • The Intercept describes Bush’s victory as “ominous for incumbent Democrats.”
  • Clay was hammered in the campaign for his work with the financial industry to undo and Obama-era piece of Wall Street reform.
  • Bush ran on 1) defunding the police, 2) the Green New Deal, and 3) Medicare for all.


Cori Bush Defeats Lacy Clay

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