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Jennifer Cohn recently interviewed exit-poll specialist Jonathan Simon.  This is an interview which is essential to understanding what is likely to happen in 2020.  The Republicans have thousands of initiatives proceeding throughout the system and throughout the country to ensure a Republican victory.  While the Democrats and the media seem occasionally concerned with the possibility that Trump may refuse to leave office should he lose, they refuse to confront what evidence from 2000 clearly shows, i.e., that the Republicans will run every scheme imaginable to steal the vote itself.

People simply do not want to confront the fact that the election itself will be fraudulent.  The following are excerpts from the interview by Jennifer Cohn.


  • 2000 was a “harbinger of things to come.” It included hanging chads, a partisan Secretary of State in Florida, voting machine memory card “errors” that subtracted votes from Gore, a bogus voter purge.
  • Kavanaugh and Roberts, two of the people who helped stop the election recount in florida in 2000 are in positions of power today. Roger Stone helped organize the “Brooks Brothers riot” to intimidate recount workers and stall the recount so it would be hard to complete the recount before the deadline.
  • After the GOP blocked the recount, they suckered the Democrats into passing the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in 2002. This allocated billions of dollars for new electronic voting machines many of which made recounts impossible because they didn’t use paper ballots.  There were Democrats who co-sponsored HAVA.
  • Hillar Clinton and Schumer were the only two democrats to oppose the HAVA.
  • Georgia was the first state to deploy paperless (unrecountable, unauditable) touchscreen voting machines statewide. After that there were several “poll-defying” GOP victories.  The GOP took the governorship and have held power ever since.
  • The 2000 election between Gore and bush was decided by 537 votes in Florida.
  • In 2004, Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, was also the Ohio Bush Campaign’s Honorary chairman. The current Secretary of State in Ohio, Frank laRose, has recently banned more than 1 drop box per county.
  • Late on election night, Kerry led. Ohio’s server went down for no reason that has ever been explained.  Blackwell had set up a backup server controlled by Mike Connell (who was Karl Rove’s IT guy).  The server routed Ohio’s results to Tennessee.  When the main server went back up, Bush had the lead.


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