• Cory Booker – “I think Democrats are gonna continue to appeal to the sense of honor that when someone gives their word, as Lindsey Graham did, that they can’t just break it.”  (MSNBC)  As Mehdi Hasan said on Twitter: “Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”
  • China is imprisoning Uighurs (The Guardian)
  • DeJoy has told a judge that the USPS cannot reassemble the hundreds of high speed mail-sorting machines they dismantled.  Surprise, surprise.   The judge noted that 72% of the decommissioned machines were located in counties where Clinton got the most votes in 2016.  (Bloomberg)
  • In 2000, Al Gore and the Democratic Party “handed George W. Bush the presidency by placing its faith in the Supreme Court – and by refusing to support mass mobilizations demanding that every vote be counted.” (Jacobin)

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