Rutenberg, Jim and Nick Corasaniti (11/15/20) “Behind Trump’s…” NYT.

  • Trump was building this conspiracy theory about vote fraud before the 2016 election.
  • Observers in critical election sites were being told to contest every ballot on election night.
  • In Detroit, as the count went against Trump, poll watchers started chanting “stop the count.”
  • There were similar episodes in Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
  • The Republicans were using “the power of the executive branch, an army of lawyers, the echo chamber of conservative news media and the obedience of fellow Republicans” to bend reality.  To “turn losing into winning.”
  • Republicans did much of the work for this campaign of bending reality before the election.
  • They saw mail-in ballots as a threat.
  • They attempted to block moves to make absentee voting easier because of the pandemic.
  • They slowed the mail by sabotaging the postal service.
  • They had blocked Democratic efforts to et more money to the states for sorting equipment which would have helped with the count of mail in ballots.
  • In key states (Pennsylania, Michigan) legislatures controlled by Republicans blocked moves to count ballots before Election Day.
  • Trump has started claiming the election was rigged in the 2016 election with Clinton. 
  • Roger Stone created “Stop the Seal.” 
  • Purges of voters from the rolls were stopped by legal action in Texas and Wisconsin before the 2020 election.
  • In Pa. and Wis. Republicans control the legislatures but they have Democratic governors.
  • Republicans tried to do away with drop boxes, forcing all ballots to go through the compromised postal system.

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