Notes on Ahmaud Arbery case: Opening Statements

Ahmaud Arbery: Opening Statements

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The prosecution gave a devastating account of the way in which three men chased down a young black man jogging in their neighborhood and shot hi in the street.  It is devastating in its cruelty and its purposefulness.

What also is notable is the way in which three men, armed themselves, jumped in trucks and cooperated in trapping “like a rat” a young man who was simply running down the street in their neighborhood.

The men admitted to police in statements at the time that they did not know what crime Mr. Arbery might have committed.  Greg McMichaels (a former police investigator) suggested to Glynn County Police that they needed to go out and “canvass” the neighborhood to find out what crime Arbery had committed. 

Also, in statements on the day of the killing, none of the men mentioned anything about a Citizen’s Arrest (what they are now claiming this was) or a burglary (what they are claiming they suspected Arbery of committing).  These were explanations adopted later when they tried to defend themselves.

In detailing the actions that day, the prosecutor said that evidence would show that William Bryan (who the media and participants persist in calling “Roddy”) drove his truck directly at Arbery four times.  That means that Arbery had to avoid being killed or injured by Bryan’s truck four times.  Bryan admitted in statements that he was trying to cut Arbery off, thereby using his truck as a weapon.  I don’t know how many cases I have read about people who were killed by the police for using their vehicle as weapons when the vehicles in question were moving at less than 5 MPH.

In fact, the Glynn County Police killed a young woman in a hail of bullets because her car was moving after they told her to stop.  She is one of the victims whose name appears on tee shirts of demonstrators in front of the Brunswick Courthouse.  As far as I know, no arrests or prosecutions have resulted from that killing. 

And, I would like to point out that the citizens of Glynn County were prevented on even voting on dissolving the scandal ridden Glynn county Police Department by the Glynn County Council. 

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