You Need To Look at Ahmaud Arbery’s Body

Ahmaud Arbery Notes Saturday

Blog 6 November 2021

Body Cam Video, Officer Duggan

Ahmaud Arbery Case

I have still not seen the full body cam footage from Glynn County Officer Duggan in the Ahmaud Arbery case.  The defense objected to even showing the video.  So, just as the defense tried to keep the public from hearing the questioning of the potential jurors in this case, they tried to keep the pubic from seeing the body of Ahmaud Arbery laying in the street after three white men hunted him down mercilessly with trucks and murdered him in the street.

As I said, I have still not found the complete video footage.  This is because most of the media outlets who are live streaming this case, made a decision that “in good taste” they would not show the footage.  So, even though the defense motion to keep the video out of evidence was denied, most of the media made a decision for the rest of us that we couldn’t be allowed to see the video.

In most of the live stream, the camera flips back to the face of officer Duggan or Travis McMichael when the most graphic parts of the body cam video are on. 

So, a public that watches the most graphic films and plays the most horrendously graphic video games, has to be protected from looking at the real violence that men can inflict when fueled by racism, hatred, toxic masculinity, and glorification of militarism and violence.

Just think for a minute about that situation.  The consumption of violence, graphic violence in this culture is endemic, especially among males.  But, when a real violent act occurs, the media just decides for the rest of us that we must be shielded from it, protected from it.

As I said, I have not seen the complete video, but the two glimpses of Mr. Arbery laying on the ground after Officer Duggan rolled him over which are in one censored video are enough to turn your stomach.

This young man laying on his back, arms flung out over his head, one arm nearly severed, his chest covered in blood that is still running out onto the pavement is reminiscent of a 1930s mutilation lynching.  This is why they are fighting so hard to keep people from seeing it.  It looks for all the world like a photograph of a mutilation lynching in the South.

It made my stomach churn and it made me want to cry and it made me angry, really really angry. 

This is not a video game.  This is not an accidental shooting.  This is the result of the intentional behavior of three men.

The defense argued on Friday that these men were doing their “duty.”  Bob Reuben argued that they weren’t out there because it was “fun.”  No, that’s precisely why they were out there.  These are men who enjoyed working themselves into a lather over the theft of some property.  They enjoyed pinpointing a black man and blaming all the thefts and problems on him.  They enjoyed the excitement of hunting down another human being and killing him in the street.

Men keep guns at the ready for a reason, they like hunting down and killing things that are alive.  They enjoy the experience of killing.  There is no other reason for a man to go hunting in this day and age.  Again, just think about that.  These are men who go out of their way to seek a killing experience, whether it’s animals on one day or black people on another.

And men keep guns at the ready because they love the image of themselves as killers.  They love the implied power of a gun, especially a big gun.  Guns take the place of self esteem.  Guns make men feel as if they can exert power over another being any time they wish.

Every person who votes Republican, who votes for a party that uses racism as a way to whip up hatred and votes, who helps prop up this gun culture, who votes to expand gun rights is complicit in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. 

All of you need to look at Ahmaud Arbery’s body. 

4 responses to “You Need To Look at Ahmaud Arbery’s Body”

  1. The link between hunting and the killing of Ahmaud is startlingly on point. So much of this case represents societies value of “macho” culture and the frantic holding of the unneeded ways of their grandpappy’s skills of surviving in the past. These people have mindless and racist ideals they manufacturer situations in order to live up to them..


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