State Witness: Larry English Reports “colored” guy “on drugs.”

Ahmaud Arbery

The state’s witness this morning is Larry English who evidently has to testify by video because he has health problems.  I would like to point out that his health problems didn’t keep him from starting and participating in this moral panic that men were creating in Satilla Shores over items that MIGHT HAVE been stolen from his property.

I am from Georgia and I now live in Georgia and it has been years, decades since I have heard black people referred to as “colored” and “do what” used as “Pardon” or “What.”  It’s like these men lived in a bubble from the past.

The state played the 911 call English made to the Glynn County Police.  In it he reports a “colored guy” in describing the trespasser on his property that he can see only in a low-quality surveillance video.  He also says that the guy is “tattooed down both arms” and that he is “on drugs.”  He can see from this video that the young man is on drugs.

In his testimony after the 911 call was played he said that this was a “spur of the moment” phone call and that he thought Arbery was on drugs because he appeared to be unsteady on his feet.  He also claimed that he was phoning in part because he was concerned with Arbery’s safety.  It was a dangerous site and someone might fall if they are unfamiliar with the site.

Bull, just bull.

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