• There is a war going on in Ukraine, thousands being killed. We spend the entire morning watching live coverage of one shooting in New York.
  • We’re waiting for a new conference which will involve various agency personnel patting themselves and each other on the back.  Every time one of these mass shootings happens, we try to convince ourselves that we are not a society, a culture falling apart, violent, selfish, murderous.  No, we are the society of the first responders, helping one another.  It’s another example of delusional thinking.  And, of course, every political actor within 1000 miles has to go on camera and congratulate the other political figures.
  • In this case, it looks like it will be used not to justify more controls on guns, but to justify more militarization of the police and more funding for the agency that failed to prevent this from happening.


  • Reports from people whose houses were occupied include looting, burning of paintings, carving a V on the kitchen counter with a knife, ruining furniture.
  • At a meeting between Putin and Lukashenko, Putin argued that Russia “had no other choice” but to start the war.
  • Lukashenko stated that the West “wants to destroy us.”
  • Russian occupiers and pro-Russian militants are holding in captivity 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, including 500 women.


  • Morgues cannot keep up with the number of dead in Ukraine. 
  • 22,000 people may be dead in Mariupol.
  • The Azov Battalion is the one reporting the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.  Taking the claim seriously, nobody can confirm this.
  • Putin has made it clear that the war will continue.  He called the war “noble” today.  He is trying to present the withdrawal from northern Ukraine as a gesture of peace.  “We are helping people.  We are saving them from Nazism.”  “We had no choice.” 
  • Last night there were strikes in Kharkiv.  Land mines were dropped from the sky. 
  • There is open territory in the east where tanks can drive.  It is difficult terrain for a defender. 


  • Folks need to pay more attention to the way the Russian Orthodox Church is supporting the war against Ukraine.  The website of the ROC has been hacked and emails released.
  • Known as “Putin’s Rasputin,” Russian presidential advisor Kurkov is under house arrest.  He was one of the masterminds of the Russian hybrid war against Ukraine in 2014-2016. 
  • Victor Medvedchuk has been detained.  In 1980, Medvedchuk defended a poet Vasyl Stus, charged for challenging soviet propaganda.  Medvedchuk did not defend his client and also denounced his client and proclaimed his guilt.
  • There are numerous reports of Russian soldiers gang raping Ukrainian women and girls.
  • Almost 34 thousand Mariupol residents taken illegally to Russia or Russia Proxy state.
  • Russia forcibly issues passports to Ukrainians deported to Russian territory from Ukraine.
  • Azov shared video showing three victims of the chemical attack who told about it and their current conditions.


  • Biden calls Putin’s actions “genocide.”
  • Zelensky offers to trade Medvedchuk for Ukrainians.
  • Zelensky said Medvedchuk was caught while trying to flee abroad.
  • Ukraine has identified 700 people killed in Kyiv.


  • Medvedchuk was a pro-Russian politician in Ukraine.
  • He was under house arrest for treason since last year.  He escaped shortly after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine.
  • Zelensky posted a photo of Medvedchuk in hand cuffs.
  • Medvedchuk was the leader of a pro-Russian opposition party in Ukraine and a staunch opponent of Kyiv’s appeals to join Nato.  He has extremely close ties to putin.
  • Some have speculated that had Putin been successful in establishing a puppet government in Kyiv, Medvedchuk would have been on the short list.
  • When Medvedchuk’s photo was posted, the security service posted a warning for other Russia allied Ukrainians.
  • The Secret Service tweeted in Russian: “You can be a pro-Russian politician and work for the aggressor state for years.  You may be hiding from justice….But….shackles are waiting for you.”
  • Secret Service Leader Ivan Bakanov: “No traitor will escape punishment and will be held accountable under the Law of Ukraine.”  (Note: Wouldn’t that be nice here?”)
  • Medvedchuk was wearing a Ukrainian military uniform when he was caught in a special operation of the Ukrainian Miitary.

TWITTER: Michael Weiss

  • Medvedchuk is rumored to be one of Putin’s “wallets.”

TWITTER: Olga Tokariuk

  • The Ukrainian poet Vasyl Stus was tried in the USSR.  Medvedchuk helped the system convict Stus and send him to a gulag where he died in 1985.  Medvedchuk made a career and a fortune.

TWITTER: Oliver Carroll

  • Medvedchuk is a highly controversial figure inside Ukraine.  Poroshenko used him as a conduit to Putin.  Zelensky blocked his media and put him under house arrest.
  • (Note: Before the war started, Zelensky received a lot of criticism for his treatment of Medvedchuk.  Many in the West, lectured about Zelensky’s “anti-democratic” moves against Medvedchuk.  But, Zelensky understood what the Democratic elite in the U.S. fails to accept, that people like Medvedchuk, and Fox News, are dangerous, that they are working against democracy and have to be fought.)

TWITTER: Christo Grozev

  • When the invasion started, pro-Kremlin channels were saying that Medvedchuk had been extracted to Russia.  In fact, he was left to be captured, “one more major egg on Putin’s face.”

TWITTER: Anders Aslund

  • Medvedchuk was one of Ukraine’s first oligarchs in 1993-1994.  He made his money on trading Russian gas.  He became a leading parliamentary politician in the 1990s and chairman o the Social Democatic Party of Ukraine.

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