Articles You Should Read:

  • Rick Scott revealed a tax plan that is the dream of the Republican Party.
  • The White House pointed out that it would increase the taxes of over half Americans.
  • McConnell has distanced himself from the proposal but it is squarely in line with policies the Republicans have supported for decades.  The policy direction of the Republican party has always been to structure the tax system to benefit the rich and powerful and to eliminate social programs that help the working and lower classes.
  • The reason the party elite is objecting to Scott’s proposal is that it makes the policy direction all to clear.

  •  Scott’s “Plan to Rescue America” (for the rich and powerful) is meant to outline his party’s political priorities should the Republicans retake the Senate.
  • The tax burden would further penalize millions of voters , mostly lower or middle income.
  • Scott’s plan would end all federal programs after five years requiring congress to continually vote to reauthorize their existence.  (Note: Given the amount of time Congress actually spends in Washington, this would never get done.)
  • This would endanger social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
  • (Note: McConnell’s objections to Scott’s plan is not that he would not pursue these goals in a heartbeat, it’s just that he doesn’t want everybody to know it.)
  • Many republicans support cuts in these programs and also privatizing them.

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