Biden’s refugee policy for Ukrainians is a disgraceful story.  David Nassaw is interviewed.

According to Nassaw, a history professor and writer abut displaced persons, Biden’s policy is “a disaster.”  He notes:

  • 5 million refugees have left Ukraine.  Many others have left their homes but are still in Ukraine.  We are talking about 10-12 million Ukrainians who are displaced. 
  • Poland, Moldava, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania are countries where they have gone.
  • EU’s 27 countries have expedited the refugee process.
  • Canada has agreed to admit an unlimited number of Ukrainian refugees.  The process is easy and they can get assistance to live and work.  There are no pathways to citizenship.
  • It took Biden a month to decide what to do.  At the end of March they decided to admit 100,000 Ukrainians who already had family members in the U.S. 
  • “disgraceful”
  • The people were required to go to the UN and be certified as refugees.  This perhaps takes six months.  After that you can begin the process to apply for asylum in U.S.  This process takes between two and ten years. 
  • You are told you should not apply for visas to travel to the US.  The process is a “frightening one.”  It is cumbersome.
  • You can fly to Mexico from anywhere in Europe without a visa.  With all the roadblocks, they are less than refugees from other parts of the world.
  • Ukrainians with money have established their own networks.  The easiest way is to fly to Mexico.  They then, come to the border. 
  • Trump used the Covid crisis to close the border.  But there are exceptions for Ukrainians.  The border is closed, but if you are Ukrainian, you are allowed in.  Everybody else is turned back.  They are allowed to stay until their court appearance.  There is no path to citizenship. 
  • There is no path to citizenship in any of the Biden plans.
  • Biden says he is going to close the Mexico route and establish another route.  This is a “disaster.”
  • No Ukrainian can apply under the new plan.  This sponsor has to be approved and apply for the Ukrainian.  The sponsor has to name a particular Ukrainian.  Then the Ukrainians have to have all kinds of screening.   It will take months if not years to go through this after they are sponsored.  Only let in for a two year period maximum.
  • They get “humanitarian parole” which was established for the Afghans.  It expires in two years and you have to get another set of permissions. 
  • In the past it was assumed that immigration was for citizenship, no longer.  It is a temporary status.
  • Why is Biden doing this?  He understands that the process of letting the Ukrainians in, highlights the racist nature of the immigration process.  The process is “disgraceful.”
  • The more advantages given to the Ukrainians the greater the disparity in the whole process will be public.
  • The right has power through the courts.  The Federalist Society and Trump and McConnell put in highly unqualified judges.  They are listening to the republican arguments.  Biden has not been able to undo the legacy of the Trump administration.  Rick Scott and others wrote early on a letter to HHS, don’t let in the Ukrainians because it’s the first step of an invasion. 
  • A delegation went to the border an said:  Ukraine is being invaded by Russia and we are being invaded by Ukrainians.
  • Democrats are afraid that the midterms will center on immigration.

Notes: Fox News is non-stop pumping the danger of the people coming over the border.  They will make immigration an issue whatever Biden does about the Ukrainians.  The current policy has only alienated everybody.  So, once again, the Democrats because they are afraid, AFRAID, of alienating people who will never vote for them, refuse to provide programs that people who might vote for them will rally around.  The Democrats are hopeless.


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