Fresh Hell

Majority Report (7/19/22)

  • Manchin
  • Manchin killed the Biden climate package.  It is in Joe Manchin’s financial interest that climate change is not addressed. 
  • There is very little leverage with Manchin. The more he tells the Democrats he is going to destroy their agenda, the more his popularity in West Virginia rises. 
  • Manchin was pushing a tax on “pass through” entities.  He was evidently not aware that a lot of businesses use this structure. This tax was going to fund climate change programs.  Monied interests complained to Manchin, so he pulled his support from his own proposal. 
  • Manchin is one of the most corrupt members of Congress.  He and his wife secured funding for a new conservation area that just happened to adjoin their vacation property.  (Note: His wife has been appointed to a profitable job as part of the courting of Manchin and Manchin’s daughter has also engaged in controversial deals.)
  • (Note: When Biden gave the Rose Garden speech recently, Manchin hung around like a groupie trying to shake hands with Biden.  Unlike MSB, he didn’t seem to get even a fist bump.)
  • Majority Report did an interview with Ryan Grim about Manchin (7/15/22). 
  • Biden is “on the brink” of declaring a climate emergency.
  • Roe
  • More horror stories come to light as women with difficult pregnancies are unable to get adequate medical care because hospitals and doctors are afraid of running afoul of the new abortion laws.  Women, in some instances, are allowed to not only suffer but become dangerously ill waiting for a condition where doctors feel comfortable giving them medical care.  Fearing litigation patients are allowed to worsen until their lives are in jeopardy.  This is occurring even in situations where there is no viable fetus.
  • The belief behind these laws is that pregnancy, illness, spontaneous abortions are the will of God.  If the woman dies, that’s just the will of God.  We are all being dragged into the hell of their religious beliefs.  These laws reflect a desire to punish.  “They are fundamental theocrats,” says Sam Seder.  They get to decide what God wills.
  • Other fresh hell
  • Biden’s polling numbers are dismal.  Democratic candidates are doing better than Biden.
  • COVID is on the rise.
  • Because of objections by Rand Paul (?) Chad Meridith has been dropped for a federal judgeship.  This story gets more and more weird.  (What the f..k was this about?)

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