• The line on Fox News at 5:00 is that the documents seized from Mara-la-go were photographs and unimportant documents.  They are laughing and making jokes about the documents.
  • (Note: “The Five” includes five of the most obnoxious people in the world.)
  • Trump world has evidently released some document which includes the names of the FBI agents who participated in the raid.  This was released to Brietbart and they published it.
  • The Cincinnati shooter’s postings changed from generalized violence to “we have to shoot FBI agents on sight,” after the search at Mara-lago.
  • After the Ohio attack, FOX news personality, Kilmeade, released a doctored photograph of Jeffrey Epstein having his feet massaged by that woman (whose name I cannot remember and try not to think about), with the face of the judge who signed off on the search warrant superimposed on Epstein’s body.
  • Neal Kaytal pointed out that as important as what was found at Mara-la-go is what was not found and was presumably destroyed.
  • The Espionage Act is cited in the warrant. 
  • The warrant was very broad in terms of what could be searched on the premises.
  • They had to show fresh probable cause of concealment or destruction.
  • (Note: Who is the person who helped Trump bring these documents out of the White House?  Trump is not smart enough to have selected these documents.  In addition, he does not have the mentality capacity to read through documents and understand their import.)
  • There are documents he could not have declassified without Congress.  Declassification is a request.
  • Somebody went through and hand-picked these documents.  (Clint Watts and Harry Litman.)
  • Clint Watts talked about “nuclear positioning.”  This is, where nuclear weapons are positioned.  This has been a highly contested issue with Putin.
  • Heilemann (who is filling in for Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC) is calling Garland “meticulous” AGAIN.  Jesus, there is no limit to this faux hero adulation.  It reminds me of the Mueller nonsense. 


  • Stories that are not receiving the coverage they deserve: 1) the attack on the FBI office in Cincinnati, 2) the attack on Salman Rushdie.  Can they seriously not cover more than one story at the time?
  • John Heilemann, in for Nicolle Wallace, desperately needs a verbal editor.  My God, he asks a question, and it takes 5 minutes.  Listening to him, my mind is filled with red pen marks through phrases and sentences.  Ari Melber is the same way.  He has guests on and talks endlessly so that they don’t have a chance to say anything. 
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