Ukraine Update: Cyber Attacks in Ukraine

Morning News Roundup:

Evacuation of Russians in Ukraine

Russian Military

Key Events in the War

Putin’s Speech

Map of Ukraine

Russian Soldiers Pay for Body Armour

Podcasts About Ukraine

Doomsday Watch

Ukraine: The Latest

Notes from “The Red Line” Podcast, The Cyber War in Ukraine, September 4, 2022

  • The biggest miscalculation about the war was about cyber. 
  • (Note: Sir)
  • A Test Run for Terror
  • Ukraine is much more prepared.  They tried to attack, but the results were not very successful. 
  • There were attacks against the Ukraine infrastructure.  Even attacks that were successful, were mitigated quickly.
  • The media is not really reporting the failed attempts. 
  • As we saw with the military, corruption is rife in hacker world.  This means that all of the money was not invested in cyber attacks, but siphoned off into corruption.
  • Russia is using proxy groups to try to keep the activities from being tied directly to Russia.
  • Some of the attacks coincide with on the ground military activity.
  • Pegasus has been told to Saudi, India, Kazakhstan.
  • Pegasus is software, Israeli, installed without the users permission.  Politicians found out that they had Pegasus surveillance. 
  • Pegasus was not particularly useful in Ukraine.  There were lots of alternatives.  You have to send to particular phone number and the person needs to click on it to install Pegasus.
  • On the front line, the internet connection is not that good anyway.  It’s easier to use the cell towers to intercept calls.
  • The Ukrainians have captured conversations between Russian soldiers and their relatives.
  • China buried monitoring in Weiger keyboards that the Weigers needed to communicate.
  • You can identify where someone is by triangulating between cell towers.  If there are a lot of users in a particular area, you know something is going on.
  • We are eight years into the war.
  • The Russians also did not expect this war to take very long and therefore may not have planned for any extended cyber warfare.
  • It is likely that the Russians will try to affect the heating infrastructure to make the winter more difficult.
  • Modems and Machine Guns.
  • The cyber attacks started before the invasion.  The goal was to make the population panic and disrupt their trust in the state.
  • The cyber attacks before the war were largely unsuccessful.
  • When they go into a territory they first try to destroy any access to mobile service.
  • 2014, 2015 the Russians launched a very successful cyber attack.  Ukraine was not prepared for this cyber warfare.  The power grids were out.  The same virus was used in 2022.  This was not as successful. 
  • There has been a large cyber hacking effort privately in response to the invasion.
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