(Note: The Telegraph Newspaper is offering a good deal on subscriptions at the moment.  The Telegraph is a wonderful source of information especially about the war against Ukraine.  Their podcast “Ukraine: The Latest” is the very best podcast for those interested in Ukraine.  Everybody should be interested in Ukraine.)


The Telegraph

  • Russia seems to be arming warships again in the Black Sea preparing for missile attacks.
  • Residents of Kyiv are being cautioned to prepare for worsening blackouts as Russian attacks on the Ukrainian infrastructure become worse.
  • US Prime Minister Sunak vows to maintain military aid to Ukraine.
  • Even though there have been reports of Russia vacating the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear power plant, it is still under Russian control.
  • Propagandist at Russia Today is telling Russian soldiers they should just get tougher and “stricter” and follow the example of a Russian explorer who removed his own appendix in the Antarctic.

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