(Note: Where the f did the week go?)

Ukraine Twitter

  • Anchor at Russian “opposition” TV channel based in Latvia, requests viewers help Russian troops buy equipment.  Channel apologizes.
  • (Politico) U.S. trying to get Middle Eastern countries to shift air defense systems to Ukraine in the next three to six months.  U.S. then to replace.
  • Russian power facility in the Kursk region hit overnight.  This may be an attack in kind for the attacks on Ukraine’s electricity network.  (Note: If so, great.)
  • Wagner group admits they are far from taking Bakhmut, but brag about essentially being on a suicide mission.
  • A Russian couple living in Sweden for 20 years arrested under suspicion of working for the Russian intelligence services.
  • Railroads are essential to Russian military logistics and supply.  After the destruction of the railroad section in the Crimean bridge, they are facing significant logistical issues and frantically looking for solutions to reinforce their Southern group.  This explains a desperate attempt to take the region around Vuhledar. 

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