Wednesday Update: Notes on Zelensky, Republicans, Christmas


Well, it’s the week before Christmas and we have done nothing except put up a tree we haven’t decorated.  The corporate media has already started the “feel good” stories, can’t have the masses remember that the country is falling apart on Christmas.  

Zelensky is coming to the states and giving an address before Congress tonight.  I am terrified.  I hope the Republicans don’t even show up.  I keep having these flashbacks of Samuel Alito saying “not true” during Obama’s State of the Union speech. 


  • McCaffrey: Russia has turned into an “aggressor nation.” 
  • Russia is strongarming Belarus to take part in a new offensive.  This is a crucial time for Ukraine.
  • Julia Ioffee: Zelensky was a “deeply unpopular” president at the first of the year.  But, with the invasion he demonstrated that he was the man needed.  He was especially needed to speak to the media and mobilize support for Ukraine.  He demonstrated the spine to not run and also an understanding of social media and communications.  A Jewish president has united a country that has had a troubled past with Jewishness.  Ukraine is moving forward.  Russia is not.
  • The new aid package from the U.S. is $44 billion.  This includes a Patriot Missile package.
  • Biden has expressed agitation with Zelensky in the past about the pace of arming. 
  • MSNBC Reporter: Republicans see this (blocking funds for Ukraine) as a chance to “bring some of those dollars back home.”  (Note: They are planning to bring those dollars back to their doners and themselves).
  • (Note: Russia has said that it will move arms near the border with Finland in response to the moves to join NATO.)
  • McCaffrey: The money being used in Ukraine is nothing compared with the money spent on Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Ioffe: It’s hard to know about the support for the war in Russia.  You can go to jail for “discrediting” the armed forces.  Who would tell a pollster in Russia what they really thought about the war?  Putin’s hold on power is “stronger than ever.”  Over a million Russians have fled the country, they are outside the country and that’s “great for Putin.”  He is strongarming Belarus to allow weapons on their territory.  Belarus has been resisting this. 
  • McCaffrey: There is no way Putin will seize the entire Black Sea area.  “I had no idea the Russian army was that corrupt.”  The Russians undoubtedly have a “spring offensive” coming. 
  • They are not even sure that Republicans will show up for this speech by Zelensky. 
  • How much opposition is there from the Republicans?  The fact that Schumer has to say he’s not sure the Republicans will show up says it all.  McCarthy is attending the speech. 

Zelensky/Biden Press Conference

  • Biden: Putin is escalating his attacks against Ukraine.  This is the 300 day mark since the launching of the invasion. 
  • (Note: This quoting of a laundry list of numbers “ten.five billion gloves, etc” makes me crazy  Who are they talking to?  Who do they think listens to this, is impressed by this?)
  • (Note: Biden cannot run again.)
  • Corporate journalist question: “Mr. Zelensky, what is your message to the American people.”  Boy, that was a thought-provoking question.


  • “Life is becoming unbearable” former aide to Zelensky says about conditions in Ukraine. 
  • “The thing that scares me most of this so-called Ukraine fatigue.”  Former aide to Zelensky.

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