• The Jan 6th Committee report came out last night.  Most of what is being talked about today is what we already knew.  Last night, all they could talk about was that the report hadn’t been issued.  This morning all they can talk about is how extensive the report is.  Nothing much about what’s in the report. Typical.  Nobody can actually read through the report.  It’s Christmas.  What a population.
  • Yesterday, they released the transcript of Cassidy Hutchinson’s interview with the Committee.  What a sleaze of a lawyer she had.  He has now taken a leave of absence from his law firm.  She also went to her father (who is a Trumper) for help and he turned her down.  That’s classic.
  • Pooper is at the bottom of our bed, curled up in his brown heated bed, sniffing the air.  The door to the upstairs patio is open, so he can smell his world.  The cats have already been outside for their walk and back in for morning tuna, it’s too cold.  Pooper has on his calming collar and has had his anti-depressant this morning.  All is right in his world.   A few years ago, he was outside under the hood of our car, five weeks old, hungry, alone. Now, he rules the house.
  • Paul Gosar was evidently texting with Jan. 6 “Stop the Steal” groups while he was holed up in the Capital.  Why is he not in jail?
  • Fox News is claiming that churches all over the country are under assault by pro-abortion groups. 
  • Russia has increased the number of missile carriers in the Black Sea.

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