Saturday News Notes:


Morning News Notes:


  • Russia has launched New Year’s Day strikes on Ukraine.
  • A concert hall in central Kyiv was damaged.
  • An elderly man was killed in an explosion after a missile strike in Kyiv.
  • The Russians are firing missiles from the Caspian Sea.
  • The Alfavito Hotel in downtown Kyiv was hit.
  • Explosions reported in Zaporizhzhia.
  • Several regions preventatively cut off power amid the ongoing missile attack.
  • Air raid alerts are going off in most Ukrainian regions.
  • Zelensky: “We will liberate our land.  We will win this war.”
  • Explosions in occupied Crimea’s Dzhankoy and Yevpatoria.
  • Residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia were damaged in an attack.
  • At least three explosions in Kyiv.
  • The New York Times has published an article about the problem of sabotage and spying from within the Orthodox Russian Church.  (
  • Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson was ranting a few weeks ago about how Zelensky was trying to eliminate “religion” in Ukraine.  He played a taped video where Patriarch Kirill claimed that Ukraine was waging a “war against God.” 
  • Telegraph podcast journalists (Ukraine: The Latest) were talking about what a threat it was to Putin that there was a Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine where Ukrainians worshipped and also supported Ukrainian independence from Russia.  Many Russians have left the Russian Orthodox Church since the war.
  • Last week, Russia tried but failed to black out Kyiv power for New Year’s.


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