Ukraine News Update


News Notes:


  • Months of fighting in Soledar.
  • Poland and Britain are still considering sending tanks to Ukraine.
  • Giving these tanks to Ukraine raises fears of more direct Western involvement in the war.
  • While most of Ukraine lies in destruction, West fears giving tanks to Ukraine will provoke Putin. (Note: Ridiculous).
  • Poland is urging Western nations to band together and send tanks.
  • Germany says it won’t be the first nation to send in tanks.  Poland has to get Germany’s approval to send in German-made tanks.
  • Aleksei Navalny’s wife is asking the Russian government to provide jailed Navalny with appropriate medication.
  • Navalny is in a “punishment cell” 2 by 3 meters.  He is kept from lying down all day even though he has a temperature.
  • More than 200 Russian doctors sent a letter to Putin asking Putin to stop abusing Navalny.

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