After MSNBC fired Keith Olberman, I stopped watching the news for a few years.  I was just so disgusted.  Olberman was brilliant and I don’t care how difficult he was to work with, he was a brilliant mind, a great artistic talent and a dynamite political commentator.  I am sure that people like Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough are also a pain in the ass to get along with and they don’t have a hundredth of the talent of a Keith Olberman.  In fact, a few years ago when I was watching hours of news every night, I couldn’t figure out why MSNBC didn’t get rid of Chris Matthews.

This year’s election has drawn me back into the news junkie world and I am even more astounded that people like Chris Matthws, Scarborough and Mika are still around, taking up valuable ideological real estate.

MSNBC announced last year, I think, that they were moving away from their supposed left wing format.  This has included getting rid of Ed Schultz in the nightly lineup, but the terrible three are still there.

Tonight is just one example of why I detest Chris Matthews.  He found it necessary, after inviting Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, on his program, to take the opportunity to be outrageously rude to him.  In a really offensive little rant, Matthews acted condescending and dismissive of Weaver’s point that Sanders had been involved in the struggle for racial justice.   Obviously I have not heard everything Chris Matthews has ever said but I have watched a lot of hours of Hardball and I don’t remember him ever talking this disrespectfully to a representative of one of the other campaigns.  A fawning sycophant, Matthews has never challenged Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (or anyone else for that matter)  in such a nasty way.  “You’ve been great to come on the show a number of times.”  He started out with Weaver and then, Matthews became extremely agitated for some reason, and started attacking Weaver for saying that Sanders was in the front lines of the fight for economic justice.  Weaver had said that some of the policies of the Clinton administration worked against the interests of African Americans.

“In political terms, you’ve said that the president and his wife “trimmed” – (said Matthews)  “…they were really not helping black people, but pretending to.  That’s pretty strong charge against the guy.”    “Where was Bernie Sanders?  He wasn’t on the front lines?  What do you mean the front lines?  Bernie Sanders is probably a very good guy….but he wasn’t on the front lines.  Look him up on the…(and then facetiously) O.K. he was on the front lines.”

Matthews then cut to Rep. James Clyburn (who has just endorsed Clinton) and fed him the Clinton attack line: “Was Bernie Sanders on the front lines of issues involving race in this country?”  He asked Rep. Clyburn, clearly trying to provide him with one of the playbook Clinton attack narratives.

Matthews is clearly dismissive of Sanders.  He previously lectured some guest, saying with contempt that a Revolution just wasn’t going to happen.

I suppose nobody can afford to take Matthews on and tell him to fuck himself.  I wish somebody would.  These are the times when I would love to see Christopher Hichens back on television.

Why doesn’t MSNBC fire Chris Matthews?  What has he added to the political debate in ten years?

He invites guests on and then can barely stop talking long enough for them to comment.  He bullies young women, as he did when he had on a reporter from the National Review.  He’s a bully and a narcissist and has nothing new or interesting to say.   Why not fire him?





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