Ahmaud Arbery: Opening Statements

9:45 AM

Blog #2

  • Last night, Joy Reid talked with Paul Butler about what happens in case like this when you have only a small number of African Americans on the jury.  Usually, the defendant is acquitted.  They talked about the Zimmerman case.
  • It is a travesty that there is only one black person on this jury.  The judge simply declined to do his duty in rejecting the Defense reasons for eliminating jurors.  Also, the judge allowed overly broad and comprehensive questions such as “Have you in any way supported Black Lives Matter or the Social Justice Movement?”
  • As the prosecutor pointed out, the defense lawyers questioned the black potential jurors in more depth than they did the white jurors.  She held up four pages of notes on the interview of a single black juror. 
  • What the prosecution was demonstrating was that the defense attorneys probed the personal lives and beliefs of the black jurors until they found disqualifying information, i.e., information they could use to disqualify the juror without seeming to discriminate which is against the law.

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