Ukraine: Not Good News, the Wager Group

Ukraine Update: 1:40 PM

From Ukraine World

•           Ukraine military intelligence has confirmed that Russia’s Wagner (mercenary) troops have arrived in Donetsk.  This is very bad news.  They are specialists at terrorist attacks, blowing up residential buildings, with the intention of blaming Kyiv.

From other sources:

  • Reporter Noah Barkin (@noahbarkin) posted that China’s foreign minister has stated that the “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of every country should be safeguarded.” “Ukraine is no exception.”
  • Unconfirmed tweet (UT): Ukraine has been the leading supplier of military technologies to China.
  • Unconfirmed tweet (UT): China has facilitated a lot of infrastructure in Ukraine.
  • UT: “…this doesn’t mean BJ won’t back UR assertions that US-led encirclement justifies action.”
  • UT: Rest of statement includes: “The Minsk Agreement is the only way out in resolving the Ukraine issue, and it should not be a frontline for rivalry among major powers.”
  • UT: “…this is a bargain: “Let China control the South China Sea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and China backs the west against Russia over Ukraine.”

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