Ukraine Update: 8:00 PM

Saturday 26 8:00 PM


•          CNN is showing Russian tanks and rocket launchers near the city of Belgorod, Russia, they are going toward Kharkiv, Ukraine.   

•          There is an enormous explosion outside of Kyiv.  Earlier commentators speculated that a hit had been made on a fuel facility.

•          There are suggestions that the Russian advance has stalled.  But, this may be wishful thinking and stalling on the ground may mean that a stronger attack may come tonight with air power.

•          The Russian media is not reporting casualties or allowing media to refer to a “war” or an “invasion” or an “attack.”  Instead they have been instructed to call it a “special military operation.”

•          There is a growing sense of alarm being reported about the economic sanctions.  The freezing of assets of the central bank and the partial SWIFT exclusion will affect working Russians.  The value of the ruble has already fallen and people are worried that their savings will be worthless by the time this invasion ends.  The point was made that sanctions are aimed at the political leadership, but it financially takes out middle class people.

•          Some members of the Russian parliament are now saying that they did not vote for the recognition of the Donbas regions which gave Putin authority to go into Ukraine.  If this is true, the protests in Ukraine and the world reaction is having some kind of effect.

•          The Russians have not blocked, but slowed down Twitter and Facebook.  There is a Russian equivalent of Facebook. That is slowed down as well.

•          Russian media is linking  the Ukrainian government to Neo-Nazis or the CIA.

•          Germany is going to send military supplies to Ukraine. 

•          When asked if military supplies were enough to turn the tide, William Taylor said: “I don’t think so.”  Even though there has been another Blinken announcement of money going to Ukraine,        “They need a lot and they need it now.”  They need weapons that can take out planes and tanks.

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