• Mariupol under siege as Russia tries to establish a land bridge to Crimea.  That would leave Ukraine without access to the Black Sea.
  • Chernihiv, north of Kyiv, nine dead in attacks. 
  • Closer to Kyiv, shelling on residential areas.
  • The convoy is still stalled.  They are having fuel and food problems and stiff Ukrainian resistance.
  • Gary Kasparov makes an argument on Twitter about why we should implement a no-fly zone.


  • Ukrainians trying to target convoy approaching Kyiv.
  • Kherson (near Odessa) may have fallen.
  • 6:00 PM
  • Kirby on CNN is saying that we can’t have a no-fly zone for the safety of the Ukrainian people.  Really?  What bullshit.  Why do CNN and MSNBC have on these administration shills to give policy the Biden spin?  I can remember when that was called the “spin room.”  Now, CNN seems to be the “spin room.”
  • Note: The financial ties of these military commentators needs to be made apparent when they are on.
  • Independent news media sources have been cut off in Russia.
  • The stock market didn’t open again.


Is this a slow-motion choking off of Kyiv?

6:00 PM


  • People who make money off weapons and war should not be used as experts telling us what we should think.
  • Every network has the responsibility to disclose those ties.
  • Today saw a continuation of the “Putin is a madman” narrative. e
  • Graphic internet film of people in Ukraine after an attack, showing bodies and blood, should be standard viewing on the corporate news channels.  This is what war is.  This is what it means.  People should see it, have to look at it especially if they are in a position to do something about it.  By now showing this reality, the media sanitizes war.
  • When there are mass shootings, terrorist attacks, the video footage must be shown.

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