Ukraine Update: 7:30 PM

SUNDAY 13 MARCH 2022 (7:30 PM)


  • MSNBC is reporting that the police chief reported that a burning chemical was dropped in the village of Popasna.
  • There will be negotiations between Ukraine and Russia in about nine hours.
  • Interview with Melinda Haring, Deputy Director for Foreign Policy Research Institute, Eurasia Center.  “The White House is playing my favorite game of cover your butt.”  “This is really easy.”  “We should have sent MIGS last week.”  “We need to be strong.”  “The White House is afraid of the Russian bear and they need to grow up.”  “Engaging in some kind of outward pretense that we’re going to move MIGS and then pulling them back, that’s not going to scare Putin.”  “All of the justifications” given by the White House and Pentagon are “false.” 


  • Russia has asked China for military equipment and aid in the invasion.


  • The U.K. Ministry of Defense stated that the Russian fleet established a blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports.
  • Rob Portman, Republican visiting Ukraine, calls for a no-fly zone.
  • Instagram users in Russia are told that the service will cease at midnight.


  • Pundits on Russian state TV are advocating public hangings in Ukraine once Russian dominance is established. (@JuliaDavisNews)
  • Occupy Democrats reports that NBC is reporting that Goldman Sachs in “making a killing” off Putin’s invasion by exploiting a loophole in Biden’s sanctions in order to sell Russian debt to hedge funds “on the cheap.”

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