Ukraine Update: Friday Morning


The Russians are bombing Lviv this morning.  The message is that nothing, nowhere is safe.  And, we sit for another day and wring our hands.


  • Russians accused of kidnapping another mayor.
  • New attacks on civilian targets
  • US not making it easy for Ukrainians with family in the US to come to the country.
  • Six missiles fired by airplanes struck Lviv.  (Note: this contradicts all those claiming that damage is due to on the ground forces, i.e., there is no use in a no-fly zone.  Again, Ukrainians know better than the US what they need.)
  • American killed in Ukraine waiting in a bread line.  He was in Ukraine to help his partner.


  • Ukrainians killed Russian Col. Sergei Sukharev, commander of a regiment that fought against Ukraine in 2014, in Chechen war and Russian Georgian war in 2008.
  • This morning, a Russian strike demolished a residential neighborhood in Kyiv.
  • UK revokes RT’s broadcast license.
  • Russia is recruiting 1000 volunteers with urban warfare experience from the army of Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah.  The recruited militants are said to see this as an opportunity to get to the EU and don’t plan to take part in hostilities. 


  • Mariupol has been under blockade for 16 days.  More than 350,000 residents continue to hide in shelters and basements. 
  • NATO is powerless to stop Putin, Ukraine wants to establish new alliance to put an end to the war.


  • Russia’s military-industrial sector is working around the clock to replenish its stock.
  • Europe needs to reduce its energy dependence on Russian gas to zero.
  • Australia adds more sanctions against Russian banks, oligarchs.
  • UK intelligence said that Russia is unable to establish air superiority over Ukraine.
  • Russia has attacked medical institutions 43 times since the start of the all-out war.
  • Ukraine again requests Red Cross urge Russia to collect dead bodies of its fallen soldiers.
  • Russian Ministry and FSB receive order to check all Ukrainian citizens living iin Moscow…searched their apartments and demanded they unlock their phones….some charged with petty hooliganism and others offered accelerated Russian citizenship. 
  • Italy has offered to rebuild Mariupol theatre destroyed by Russians.
  • Chezh Republic is no longer able to accept refugees from Ukraine.


  • 50 to 100 bombs a day are being dropped on Mariupol.  Around 80% of the city’s housing is destroyed.  Some 30% cannot be restored. Parliament of Ukraine.
  • Roman Seremeta: “…no water, no gas, no ambulances.  People with torn limbs bleed in their yards and no one can help them….the dead are simply being covered by soil where they lay.”  In a bomb shelter three days ago a woman was hit in the hip.  “She laid all night on the first floor….asking for someone to give her poison so that she would not feel the pain.”

BBC: Ukraine conflict 3/17/22

  • Thursday Putin called Erdogan and told him what the demands were.
  • Acceptance by Ukraine that it should be neutral and should not apply to join NATO.  Ukraine would have to undergo a disarmament process to ensure it wasn’t a threat to Russia.  There would have to be protection for the Russian language in Ukraine.  And, “de-Nazification. (Note: This means eliminating activists).  Face-to-face negotiations between Putin and Zelensy before an agreement could be reached.  There were other issues such as the status of Donbas and Crimea (these were less detailed). 
  • Any of these demands, if agreed to, could form the pretext for Russia to invade again.


  • Russian missiles have struck an aircraft maintenance plant close to Lviv.
  • Fresh aerial attacks of Kharkiv.
  • Poland says that more than two million refugees have crossed the border.

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