Like Elie Mystal, I could not sit in front of the Judiciary Committee and maintain decorum listening to these fascist morons.  Someone said that working as a public defender meant that you didn’t respect the law.  My God, it’s exactly the opposite.  The public defender system is something we should be proud of and should be funded at a much higher rate than it is.  There are some bad public defenders (Kevin Gough is one current example), but there are also so many brilliant, courageous, principled, dedicated men and women working as public defenders.  It is the work of God (and I don’t even believe in God).

On the subject of the work of God, we sit another day and watch Ukraine being destroyed.  It is a shameful act. 


•            The Ukrainians have refused to surrender Mariupol. 

•            The Russians are trying to destroy as much as possible in order to extract concessions from the Ukrainian government.

•            Mehdi Hassan joined the “chickenshit left” last night, criticizing the White House press corps for asking questions about what more we could do for Ukraine.  (Note: I was surprised but shouldn’t have been.)


UKRAINE WORLD (@ukraine_world)

•            The Russian Duma approved the recognition of Donetsk and Luhansk “People’s Republics” as “independent.”  They greenlighted Crimea’s annexation as well. 

•            In Sumy oblast, Russians are forcing civilians to sit on the streets at night near the equipment of the Russian army, using them as human shields.

•            Ukrainian human rights activist, Olksandra Matviichuk asked Joe Biden for more weapons for Ukraine.  She is repeating her request.  “Small tactical weapons will not allow us to repel Putin.” 

•            Over 2,000 children have been deported by Russian occupation forces from Donetsk and Luhansk to Russia.  What is happening to these children?

•            In Kyiv, there have been 70 residential buildings damaged.

•            Russians kidnapped four journalists in Melitopol.  Three were released.  One is still being held.

•            Russians fired on protesters in Kherson.


•            CNN and MSNBC have become little more than a campaign outlet for members of Congress.  I do not understand who thinks that interviewing them about the situation in Ukraine is useful, or indeed interviewing them about anything.  They make focus-group tested statements which are written to say nothing. 

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