• The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria has transferred money to zoos in Ukraine since the invasion.
  • One of the journalists who has been held since March 15, has been released.  Viktoria Roshchina.
  • The Russian military has burned down a stable in Hostomel near Kyiv with the horses inside.
  • A children’s hospital has been shelled in Severdonetsk. 
  • Ukrainian photojournalist, Maks Levin, has gone missing.
  • Zelensky told the Italian government they should freeze Russian assets, impose an embargo on Russian goods and block seaports for Russian vessels.
  • Zelensky also warned of a grain shortages that would effect exports.
  • Russia completes 300 aircraft sorties over Ukraine in 24 hours. (Despite the repeated mantra that Ukraine doesn’t need a no-fly zone, that most of the damage is coming from the ground.)


  • Italy supports Ukraine’s membership in the European Union.
  • Approximately 5,000 Belarusian troops are formed and lined up along Ukraine’s border. 
  • In Russia due to lack of reserves, men with debts and those who have to pay alimony are offered forgiveness if they join the military.


  • Greek Foreign Minister says he wants o lead a humanitarian mission to Mariupol in person.
  • A released journalist, Roshchna had to say that Russians did not hold her captive and that they saved her life.  Russian media broadcast the video today.
  • Anonymous announced that it had released the database of Nestle, emails, passwords of business customers.
  • Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev ordered bombing of maternity hospital, children’s hospital, drama theatre and civilian houses in Mariupol.
  • This is day 27.

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