Ukraine Update: 12 Noon, Ukrainian cultural heritage


The works of Ukrainian artist Arhip Kuindji, born in Mariupol, were on display in a museum dedicated to his artistry.  Some of the paintings were removed but original works by Ivan Aivazovsky, Jablonskaia, Mykola Gluschenko,Tatiana Yablonska, Mykhailo Deregus and others were destroyed.


  • There was a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia.
  • In Kharkiv, Russians fired long-range weapons at the post office where people were receiving humanitarian aid.
  • The Mayor of Kherson has set up a service to report disappearances because of kidnappings.
  • Russia is transferring weapons to Belarus and Crimea to make an attempt to encircle Kyiv.
  • Only 3% of Belarusians approve of the deployment of Belarusian troops in Ukraine.
  • Zelensky asked for 1% of the alliance’s aircraft, tanks and rocket systems so that Ukraine can “unlock cities where Russia is holding hundreds of thousands of people hostage.”  “…we don’t have a clear answer.”


  • Occupation forces are driving through Mariupol, under blockade, with loudspeakers and declaring that Zaporizhzhia no longer accepts evacuees and that citizens must go to Russia.  They are also saying that Odesa “is already taken by Russians.”
  • Russia has targeted journalists, killing at least five and wounding seven.  One journalist is missing.
  • When citizens of Mariupol are deported their passports and other documents are confiscated.
  • Anonymous hacked Central Bank of Russia.
  • A month of war has led to the displacement of 4.3 million children, more than half the country’s child population.
  • Lukashenko has expelled 12 Ukrainian diplomats from Belarus.
  • Responding to panic, Russians are preparing to block traffic on the Crimean bridge. They are trying to prevent the flight from Crimea of Russian citizens who illegally moved there after February 2014. 
  • Russian intelligence chiefs Nikolai Patrushev (Security Council secretay), Alexander Bortnikov (Federal Security Service), Sergei Naryshkin (Foreign Intelligence Service) also disappeared from the “systematic and critical protocol statements.”

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