Everyone is preparing for a new front in the battle for Ukraine.  Failing to take over Kyiv, the Russians are concentrating force in the east of Ukraine, solidifying and expanding control of the Donbas region.  The fighting is expected to be more brutal, the terrain is different, allowing for a more WWII style battle.  The US has approved an expanded package of aid and equipment, but the question is whether they can get the equipment there in time to make a difference. 

It is just beyond my comprehension why the Biden administration has not already sent this equipment.  The reaction of some of the American people to the war has also just amazed me.  Certain groups of people seem completely incapable of distinguishing between a war like that against Iraq and Afghanistan (which I opposed) and the war defending Ukraine.  I am no admirer of the corporate media, but I also can see the difference between a press that is covering the war in Ukraine and a war-mongering press cheering for aggressive warfare (as they did in Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan).



  • Russia warned that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, Moscow will reinforce the Baltic Sea region, including deploying nuclear weapons (Washington Post).


  • EU is considering ban on Russian oil.  (Note: Evidently a ban on natural gas would be more helpful.)


  • Long range artillery is important in this new phase of the war.  The Us is providing some of this.
  • They want to stop the artillery forces.  Russians have a lot of artillery.  ‘it’s a killer on the Russian battlefield.”
  • The urgency is to deliver the equipment.
  • Advisers were trying to caution against some of this equipment.
  • The problem remains getting this equipment in fast enough to make a difference.  (Note: So why not send this before?)
  • Barbara Star trots out the Pentagon line.
  • The helicopters are important, and they were not always in the package.  Zelensky evidently talked Biden into including this.  It’s a very good helicopter for this type of terrain.
  • Biden attempted to make some kind of distinction between “offensive” and “defensive” weapons.  The assumption was that offensive weapons were escalatory.  This distinction is evidently being abandoned.  (Note: Thank God.)

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