FRIDAY 15 APRIL 2022, 7 pm

MSNBC: Ari Melber

  • The Russians have blockaded the ports on the Black Sea.  They have been firing long-range missiles into Ukraine.  There was the threat of an amphibius invasion particularly around Odesa.
  • Why is it important that this was Russia’s flagship.
  • Ray Mabus, fmr. Sec. of the Navy: It hasn’t happened since WWII.  This was the ship that threatened people on Snake Island.  A stamp has been issued commemorating this ship.  Neptune missiles that hit it were developed and made inside Ukraine.  The Russians underestimated the Ukrainians.  Ukraine can use the smaller weapons and also sophisticated long range missiles.
  • Kasparov:  This war can last for months but not for years.  If Putin doesn’t have a decisive win in the east by May 9, I don’t see the necessary losses to give a Russian win. 
  • Mabus: The Russians don’t have the long term capabilities to continue this war, but he is perfectly willing to continue to pour people and money into this.  What is possible is just to change the definition of victory and get out.  The time has passed when you say that the Russians win this war.  They are not going to subjugate Ukraine.

MSNBC: Mehdi Hassan

  • Zelensky cautioned the world from assuming that Russia would lose this war.  We have a very small window of opportunity.
  • Russia formally warns the U.S. that sending the most sensitive weapons to Ukraine is an escalation and could provoke consequences.
  • William Burns, CIA Director, warned today that an increasingly cornered Putin means that we must not take likely a resort to a tactical nuclear weapon.
  • Zelensky said that the world should prepare for a nuclear attack inside Ukraine.
  • This would be the first nuclear attack since that by the U.S. on Japan.
  • Phillip Breedlove, Military.  There is no infrastructure in Mariupol.  It is one of the two remaining large ports in Ukraine that keep it connected to the rest of the world.  The land bridge from Donesk to Crimea, is also essential.  Some soldiers had to surrender because of lack of food and supplies, this is the fault of the West.
  • Breedlove: We will likely find brutality and war crimes.  Breedlove has said that the U.S. had been completely deterred by Russia nuclear capacity but the Russians have been not at all deterred by U.S. Nuclear weapons. 
  • Hassan: Burns said that there was a prospect of using tactical nuclear weapons.
  • Breedlove: We have to take this threat seriously.  Putin is extremely good at deterring us.  Now declaring our weapon shipments will cause new possibilities for him.  He’s seeking to further deter us.  In Northern Syria, we took a battalion of Russians off the battle field.  “There are people in this world who believe that there is no risk if we do nothing.”
  • Hassan:  In Syria these were mercenaries.
  • Breedlove: Wagner Group is an extension of the Russian military.  “I don’t think he’s bluffing.”  Will take these more drastic actions.  But, if we allow every nation who had a nuclear weapon to blackmail us, we are going to have a tough time in the world ahead.  We don’t want Ukraine to give up sovereign territory.


  • Teams of people working to retrieve people in mass graves in Bucha.

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