• The Russian offensive in the east has begun.
  • (Note: How many gd times are these anchors going to ask different people how the current offensive is different from the first one?)

MSNBC: Ari Melber

  • Russian missile attacks on Lyiv.  Lyiv had been a refuge for refugees.
  • Barry McCaffery: “He has conducted a criminal operation against Ukraine.”  The brutality of the ground forces, acting “like savages against women and children.” 
  • “Evacuate to where?”  Ukrainian woman.
  • 90% of Mariupol is thought to be completely destroyed.
  • Putin thinks he’s winning the war according to the Austrian Chancellor.
  • Evelyn Farkas: Coons evidently hinted at US military becoming involved.  She thinks we need to leave these options on the table.  (Note: So do I.)
  • Barry McCaffrey: The target is not the land in the east, it’s the Ukrainian army.  (Note: McCaffrey thinks that the Biden administration has done an absolutely wonderful job in this first phase of the war in Ukraine.  Yep, I agree, they just lost a quarter of the country if things don’t change.)
  • Kirby: (Note: Kirby is an actor.  He is sent out there not to tell the truth, but to perpetuate certain narratives.)


  • As of April 18, Russian are holding 20,000 people in so-called “filtration camps” west of Mariupol.
  • 5,000-7,000 people remain in a filtration camp in Bezimeene west of Mariupol.  They are being prepared for transportation to Russia.
  • Russian invaders have abducted the 16-year-old child of a Zaporizhzhia regional head.
  • Zelensky: The Russians are attacking in a “little more thought-out manner…putting pressure, looking for a weak spot in the defense of our state to go there with the main forces.”
  • Ukraine’s human rights ombudsman has warned that more than 400 people from Mariupol, including 147 children, have been transferred by Russians to a fenced camp near Penza.
  • Google Maps has opened “all military and strategic facilities in Russia….Any user can see the airfields of Russia, naval bases, launch pads…” (Quote from article)
  • Russia has started a cyber attack, sending out emails that are titled: Urgently. Deblockade of Azovstal.”  Opening the document leads to an attack by Cobalt Strike Beacon.
  • Putin rewards the brigade which massacred people in Bucha.

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