• Russian force enter two new territorial communities in Kherson.
  • Russians thwart evacuation efforts in Luhansk.
  • Russians shell hospital in Donetsk.
  • Spain reopened its embassy in Kyiv.
  • US not ready to reopen embassy in Kyiv.
  • In Bucha Russian troops killed local officials, activists or men of military age who they sought out, and others indiscriminately.
  • Russian forces move into two new regions of Kherson.


  • The Netherlands has a plan to end purchase of crude oil and natural gas by the end of the year.
  • UK returning its embassy to Kyiv.
  • Ukrainian PM, in a call with Blinken, called for the exclusion of all banks from the SWIFT system and the recognition of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.
  • Crimea Tartar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev sentenced for trying to enter his native Crimea.
  • “The EU has paid Russia 20 times more for fossil fuels than the amount of military aid provided to Ukraine.”
  • Ukraine has appealed to the EU to create a deposit account for Russian gas payments which will be unblocked only after Russia withdraws troops.
  • Mass grave reported in occupied Vynohradne, near Mariupol.
  • Bodies of a man and woman found burned near Izium.  Russian soldiers tortured them in a basement and then tried to burn the bodies.
  • In the east and South of Ukraine, heavy fighting is taking place along the entire line of contact.
  • Putin tripled spending on state media in the first quarter of this year from a year before.
  • The world delays switch to renewable energy which was advocated for decades due to climate change.
  • Village head describes being tortured in Russian custody.  “They shaved my head…pulled a bag on my head and shot over my head.”  A journalist in the cell with her tried to hang herself on a sheet.
  • Kremlin continues to arrest and remove from the post the top leadership of the Russian army and navy.  Due to heavy losses of personnel and equipment (esp the Moskva) Commander of the Black Sea Fleet was arrested; several Lieutenant Generals were fired.
  • Zelensky: European countries still buying Russian gas, make money “out of blood.”
  • FSB is confiscating expensive goods from soldiers who looted them in Ukraine. 
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