SUNDAY APRIL 24 2022, 4:30 pm


  • Dean Obeidallah: Russia has opened a criminal case against Vladimir Kara-Murza, a pro-democracy advocate, for spreading “false information” about the war in Ukraine. 
  • Khodorkovsky: Kara-Murza is being held in pre-trial detention for two months.
  • Bill Browder:  Kara Murza was the “most effective advocate for Magnitsky sanctions of any individual in the world.”  Every “judge, prosecutor and police officer involved should be Magnitsky sanctioned.”


  • “Kara-Murza is a Russian dissident- a writer, political activist, and spokesman for Russia’s beleaguered democrats. He was a close associate of Boris Nemtsov, the Russian opposition leader whom the regime murdered near the Kremlin in 2015. Twice Kara-Murza was poisoned by the regime, nearly killing him.”
  • Kara Murza is a politician, author and historian.
  • Served as deputy leader of the People’s Freedom Party.
  • He played a kay role in the adoption of targeted Magnitsky sanctions on Russian human rights violators.
  • He was poisoned in 2015 and 2017 and left in a coma.
  • Officers of Russia’s Federal Security Services were behind the poisonings.
  • He hosts a weekly show on Echo of Moscow Radio
  • Directed three documentary films, “They Chose Freedom, Nemtsov and My Duty to Not Stay Silent.”


  • Russian Orthodox Church helps relocated illegally deported Ukrainians.
  • An investigative report by says about 600,000 civilians were deported to Russia.
  • Russian forces fail to advance in Kharkiv.
  • About two dozen Russian ships and submarines remain in the Black Sea.
  • Rusian troops in the occupied areas of Kherson and Mykolayiv shell civilians to “discredit Ukraine.”  They are shelling under Ukrainian flags.
  • Helena Kennedy, UK human rights lawyer: “Russian troops have been given tacit permission to rape civilians during their invasion…”
  • Austria opposes Ukraine membership in EU.
  • Belgium blocks export of 8,000 luxury cars to Russia.
  • The Russian Defense Ministry reports that since the start of the invasion, Russia has deported 951,000 Ukrainians to Russia.  This includes 174,689 children.
  • West Virginia to send armored personnel carriers to Ukraine.
  • Russia blocks economic data, hiding effect of sanctions.  They have stopped reporting data on government debt, trade statistics and oil production.
  • Russia has parked short-range ballistic missiles 60 kilometers from the border with Ukraine.
  • Zelensky: Russia fired seven missiles at Odesa on April 23.  Two were intercepted.
  • On April 23, Russia’s Defense Ministry accused Ukraine of planning to use ammonia as a chemical weapon as part of a “provocation” at Odesa.  This is being interpreted as a threat to attack Odesa with chemical weapons.


  • For the first time, a majority of Swedish citizens are in favor of joining NATO.
  • Estonia and Latvia adopt statements saying Russia is committing genocide against Ukraine.


  • “Russian World: The heresy driving Putin’s war.”  Article Euromaidan Press.
  • The doctrine of Russian World is “an ideology that is theological at its core.”  It pits “Holy Russia” against the “godless West.”
  • World-renowned theologians have condemned the Russia World as heresy.
  • Cyril Hovorum, Stockhold School of Theology, interviewed by Euromaidan Press.
  • The doctrine was developed under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church.
  • This doctrine frames the war in Ukraine.
  • Putin has supplied the guns and the church has supplied the ideas.
  • The “core of the aggression is ideological: it’s a distorted theology..”
  • The idea was developed by the Church and taken over by the Kremlin.
  • Putin referenced ideas from this doctrine in the speech on the eve of the war.
  • “It is a form of exceptionalism, nationalism.”  “a form of exceptionalism that means that belonging to a tribe makes you different and exceptional.”
  • Russia is believed to have a special mission from God to save the world from itself.
  • “That’s why it’s important to take into consideration religion when we try to understand this war.”
  • The Russian belief is that the West has been corrupted by liberal ideas and values which are dangerous.  The “traditional values” they support are conservative and anti-liberal.

CNN, 2:00 pm

  • Most people in Belarus do not want Belarus to participate in the war against Ukraine.

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