UKRAINE WORLD (@Ukraine_world) (Best twitter feed and podcast)

  • Ukrainian: “We have nowhere to return to…”
  • Ukrainian: “The Russian army robbed me of my husband, my daughter of her father, my parents of their son.”
  • Belarus’s lower house of Parliament approved a bill allowing security forces to use military equipment against civilians.
  • Poland announced that the country has become independent of Russia’s gas.
  • Ukrainian: “We have already changed the world.”


  • French government seizes three Russian oligarch’s villas.  The list includes Oleg Deripaska, Kirill Shamalov, and Musa azhaev.
  • Ukraine’s GDP may fall by 30-50%
  • Ukraine intelligence reports that Russians will give a propaganda press tour in Mariupol.
  • Putin threatens with “immediate strikes” countries that intervene in Russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • 80% of Kharkiv zoo animals evacuated to safety.
  • The Feldman Ecopark Zoo was home to 5,000 animals.  100 have been killed by Russian shelling as well as five employees who stayed behind to take care of the animals.
  • Zelensky is invited by Indonesia to attend the G20 summit.
  • Russia uses white phosphorus bombs again.
  • Gazprombank executive, Igor Volobeuv, leaves Russia to defend Ukraine.
  • Russian forces violently disperse crowds at pro-Ukrainian rally in Kherson.
  • Norway allocates $44 million to buy weapons for Ukraine.


“Rand Paul parrots Russian propaganda, suggests Ukraine had it coming.” By Aaron Rupar, Substack.

  • Rand’s dad, Ron Paul, has long been an apologist for Putin.
  • Ron argued that Russia was not responsible for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and that Putin had the right to invade neighboring countries.
  • Rand was evidently unbothered that the Trump campaign shared polling data with the Kremlin during the 2016 election.
  • Rand traveled to Russia in 2018 to meet with an official wo was under US sanctions for interfering with the 2016 election.  He took with him a hand written note from Trump to Putin.
  • He voted in 2017 to block NATO membership for Montenegro, which led John McCain to say that Rand was “now working for Vladimir Putin.”
  • In the Congressional session with Anthony Blinken, Paul parroted the Kremlin’s line.
  • Paul suggested that Biden had antagonized Putin by refusing to slam the door on Ukraine’s NATO ambitions.
  • Paul then said that the important thing was that Ukraine, Georgia, Modolva, were formerly part of the Soviet Union, and therefore part of Russia.
  • Anti-NATO sentiment if not a fringe view within the GOP.
  • Earlier in April, 30 percent of House Republicans voted against a symbolic resolution of support for NATO
  • Less than three years ago, Republicans sided with Russia while Trump was trying to disarm Ukraine.
  • John Bolton has said that he think Trump would have withdrawn from NATO had he gained a second term.
  • NATO support was one of the first things Trump’s campaign chair Paul Manafort excised from the Republican platform in 2016.  This was shortly before he was indicted for being an unregistered agent of Putin’s puppet government in Ukraine. (Note: I still have a vivid photographic image of the television screen when I heard Manafort had changed the language in the GOP’s party platform.)


  • BBC: Chinese drone firm pauses operations in Russia.
  • Olga Tokariuk: In Kherson, Russians have created a prison camp where 300 Ukrainian activists and war veterans are being held.

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